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package driver

import ""


Package Files

controller.go identity.go node.go


const (
    // DeviceDirectory is a directory where TopoLVM Node service creates device files.
    DeviceDirectory = "/dev/topolvm"

func NewControllerService Uses

func NewControllerService(lvService *k8s.LogicalVolumeService, nodeService *k8s.NodeService) csi.ControllerServer

NewControllerService returns a new ControllerServer.

func NewIdentityService Uses

func NewIdentityService(ready func() (bool, error)) csi.IdentityServer

NewIdentityService returns a new IdentityServer.

ready is a function to check the plugin status. It should return non-nil error if the plugin is not healthy. If the plugin is not yet ready, it should return (false, nil). Otherwise, return (true, nil).

func NewNodeService Uses

func NewNodeService(nodeName string, conn *grpc.ClientConn, service *k8s.LogicalVolumeService) csi.NodeServer

NewNodeService returns a new NodeServer.



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