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package runners

import ""


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checker.go grpc.go metrics_exporter.go

func NewGRPCRunner Uses

func NewGRPCRunner(srv *grpc.Server, sockFile string, leaderElection bool) manager.Runnable

NewGRPCRunner creates controller-runtime's manager.Runnable for a gRPC server. The server will listen on UNIX domain socket at sockFile. If leaderElection is true, the server will run only when it is elected as leader.

func NewMetricsExporter Uses

func NewMetricsExporter(conn *grpc.ClientConn, mgr manager.Manager, nodeName string) manager.Runnable

NewMetricsExporter creates controller-runtime's manager.Runnable to run a metrics exporter for a node.

type Checker Uses

type Checker interface {
    Ready() (bool, error)

Checker is the interface to check plugin readiness.

func NewChecker Uses

func NewChecker(check func() error, interval time.Duration) Checker

NewChecker creates controller-runtime's manager.Runnable to run health check function periodically at given interval.

type NodeMetrics Uses

type NodeMetrics struct {
    FreeBytes uint64

NodeMetrics is a set of metrics of a TopoLVM Node.

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