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package gomatheval

import "github.com/darenliang/go-math-eval"


Package Files

eval.go operators.go parser.go process.go stack.go

func EvalExpression Uses

func EvalExpression(expression string) float64

EvalExpression evaluates expression in string to float64

func EvalRPN Uses

func EvalRPN(tokens []interface{}) float64

EvalRPN evaluates tokens in RPN to float64

func ParseFloats Uses

func ParseFloats(tokens *[]interface{})

ParseFloats parses floats in tokens interface

func ParseRPN Uses

func ParseRPN(tokens []interface{}) []interface{}

ParseRPN parses tokens to RPN

func ProcessUnaryOperators Uses

func ProcessUnaryOperators(tokens *[]interface{})

ProcessUnaryOperators processes unary operators in tokens

func SanitizeExpression Uses

func SanitizeExpression(expression string) []interface{}

SanitizeExpression returns interface of sanitized tokens ready to be parsed

func TokenizeExpression Uses

func TokenizeExpression(expression string) []interface{}

TokenizeExpression returns interface of unprocessed tokens

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