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package gobuild

import "github.com/dave/dst/decorator/resolver/gobuild"


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type RestorerResolver Uses

type RestorerResolver struct {
    // FindPackage is called during Load to create the build.Package for a given import path from a
    // given directory. If FindPackage is nil, (*build.Context).Import is used. A client may use
    // this hook to adapt to a proprietary build system that does not follow the "go build" layout
    // conventions, for example. It must be safe to call concurrently from multiple goroutines.
    // It should be noted that Manager only uses the Name from the returned *build.Package, so all
    // other fields can be left empty (as in SimpleFinder).
    FindPackage func(ctxt *build.Context, importPath, fromDir string, mode build.ImportMode) (*build.Package, error)
    Context     *build.Context
    Dir         string

    // Hints (package path -> name) is first checked before asking the build package
    Hints map[string]string

func New Uses

func New(dir string) *RestorerResolver

func WithContext Uses

func WithContext(dir string, context *build.Context) *RestorerResolver

func WithHints Uses

func WithHints(dir string, hints map[string]string) *RestorerResolver

func (*RestorerResolver) ResolvePackage Uses

func (r *RestorerResolver) ResolvePackage(importPath string) (string, error)

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