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package utils

import "github.com/daviddengcn/gcse/utils"


Package Files

json.go segment.go utils.go

func DumpMemStats Uses

func DumpMemStats()

func LogError Uses

func LogError(err error, format string, args ...interface{})

LogError is used to ignore an error but log it.

func ReadJsonFile Uses

func ReadJsonFile(fn string, data interface{}) error

func SegmentLess Uses

func SegmentLess(a, b Segment) bool

func SplitPackage Uses

func SplitPackage(pkg string) (site, path string)

func WriteJsonFile Uses

func WriteJsonFile(fn string, data interface{}) error

type Segment Uses

type Segment string

func (Segment) Done Uses

func (s Segment) Done() error

func (Segment) IsDone Uses

func (s Segment) IsDone() bool

func (Segment) Join Uses

func (s Segment) Join(name string) string

func (Segment) ListFiles Uses

func (s Segment) ListFiles() ([]string, error)

func (Segment) Make Uses

func (s Segment) Make() error

func (Segment) Name Uses

func (s Segment) Name() string

func (Segment) Remove Uses

func (s Segment) Remove() error

type Segments Uses

type Segments string

func (Segments) ClearUndones Uses

func (ss Segments) ClearUndones() error

func (Segments) FindMaxDone Uses

func (ss Segments) FindMaxDone() (Segment, error)

func (Segments) GenMaxSegment Uses

func (ss Segments) GenMaxSegment() (Segment, error)

func (Segments) GenNewSegment Uses

func (ss Segments) GenNewSegment() (Segment, error)

func (Segments) Join Uses

func (ss Segments) Join(sub string) Segment

func (Segments) ListAll Uses

func (ss Segments) ListAll() ([]Segment, error)

func (Segments) ListDones Uses

func (ss Segments) ListDones() ([]Segment, error)

type Size Uses

type Size int64

func (Size) String Uses

func (s Size) String() string

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