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package examples

import ""

Package examples contains trivial, but complete, Alfred workflows demonstrating features of AwGo and/or useful workflow idioms.

After building the executable, copy or symlink the directory to Alfred's workflow directory to try it out.

You can use the following script to simplify installing/symlinking workflows that are still in development:

If you've installed that script on your $PATH, you can try out the examples by running:

workflow-install -s /path/to/example/workflow

which will symlink the workflow to Alfred's workflow directory.


Package Files



fuzzyWorkflow fuzzy is a basic demonstration of AwGo's fuzzy filtering.
reading-listWorkflow reading-list is a more advanced example of fuzzy filtering.
settingsWorkflow settings demonstrates binding a struct to Alfred's settings.
updateWorkflow update is an example of how to use AwGo's update API.
workflowsWorkflow workflows retrieves and filters GitHub repos tagged with "alfred-workflow".

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