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package primitive

import ""

Package primitive defines the types used to represent high-level control flow primitives.


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type Primitive Uses

type Primitive struct {
    // Primitive name; e.g. "if", "pre_loop", ...
    Prim string `json:"prim"`
    // Node mapping; e.g. {"cond": "17", "body": "24", "exit": "32"}
    Nodes map[string]string `json:"nodes"`
    // TODO: Figure out how to represent edges.
    // Entry node name.
    Entry string `json:"entry"`
    // Exit node name.
    Exit string `json:"exit,omitempty"`

A Primitive represents a high-level control flow primitive (e.g. 2-way conditional, pre-test loop) as a mapping from subgraph (graph representation of a control flow primitive) node names to control flow graph node names.

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