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package nas

import ""


Package Files

CreateAccessRule.go CreateFileSystem.go CreateMountTarget.go DescribeAccessRules.go DescribeFileSystems.go DescribeMountTargets.go client.go


const (
    VERSION            = "2016-02-29"
    END_POINT          = ""
    DEFAULT_POLICY     = "readwrite"
    DEFAULT_SQUASHTYPE = "no_squash"

type Client Uses

type Client struct {

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(accessKeyId, accessKeySecret string) *Client

NewClient creates a new instance of NAS client

func (*Client) CreateAccessRule Uses

func (client *Client) CreateAccessRule(args *CreateAccessRuleRequest) (resp CreateAccessRuleResponse, err error)

func (*Client) CreateFileSystem Uses

func (client *Client) CreateFileSystem(args *CreateFileSystemRequest) (resp CreateFileSystemResponse, err error)

func (*Client) CreateMountTarget Uses

func (client *Client) CreateMountTarget(args *CreateMountTargetRequest) (resp CreateMountTargetResponse, err error)

func (*Client) DescribeAccessRules Uses

func (client *Client) DescribeAccessRules(args *DescribeAccessRulesRequest) (resp DescribeAccessRulesResponse, err error)

func (*Client) DescribeFileSystems Uses

func (client *Client) DescribeFileSystems(args *DescribeFileSystemsRequest) (resp DescribeFileSystemsResponse, err error)

func (*Client) DescribeMountTargets Uses

func (client *Client) DescribeMountTargets(args *DescribeMountTargetsRequest) (resp DescribeMountTargetsResponse, err error)

type CreateAccessRuleRequest Uses

type CreateAccessRuleRequest struct {
    AccessGroupName string
    SourceCidrIp    string
    Policy          string
    SquashType      string
    Priority        string
    Version         string
    RegionId        string

type CreateAccessRuleResponse Uses

type CreateAccessRuleResponse struct {
    Code string

type CreateFileSystemRequest Uses

type CreateFileSystemRequest struct {
    ZoneId   string
    Version  string
    RegionId string

type CreateFileSystemResponse Uses

type CreateFileSystemResponse struct {
    FileSystemName string
    RequestId      string
    Code           string

type CreateMountTargetRequest Uses

type CreateMountTargetRequest struct {
    FileSystemName  string
    AccessGroupName string
    NetworkType     string
    VpcId           string
    VSwitchId       string
    Version         string
    RegionId        string

type CreateMountTargetResponse Uses

type CreateMountTargetResponse struct {
    Code string

type DescribeAccessRulesRequest Uses

type DescribeAccessRulesRequest struct {
    AccessGroupName string
    Version         string
    RegionId        string

type DescribeAccessRulesResponse Uses

type DescribeAccessRulesResponse struct {
    Rules []Rule
    Code  string

type DescribeFileSystemsRequest Uses

type DescribeFileSystemsRequest struct {
    FileSystemName string
    Version        string
    RegionId       string

type DescribeFileSystemsResponse Uses

type DescribeFileSystemsResponse struct {
    FileSystems []FileSystem
    Code        string

type DescribeMountTargetsRequest Uses

type DescribeMountTargetsRequest struct {
    FileSystemName string
    Version        string
    RegionId       string

type DescribeMountTargetsResponse Uses

type DescribeMountTargetsResponse struct {
    MountTargets []MountTarget
    Code         string

type FileSystem Uses

type FileSystem struct {
    CreateTime       uint64
    MountTargetCount uint64
    PackageId        string
    FileSystemName   string
    FileSystemType   string
    MeteredSize      uint64
    FileSystemDesc   string
    QuotaSize        uint64
    ZoneId           string

type MountTarget Uses

type MountTarget struct {
    AccessGroupName string
    MountTargetIp   string
    NetworkType     string
    Status          string
    MountTargetId   string
    VpcId           string
    VSwitchId       string
    DomainName      string
    CloudInstId     string

type Rule Uses

type Rule struct {
    Priority     string
    SourceCidrIp string
    SquashType   string
    RuleId       string
    Policy       string

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