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package sts

import ""


Package Files

assume_role.go client.go get_caller_identity.go


const (
    // STSDefaultEndpoint is the default API endpoint of STS services
    STSDefaultEndpoint = ""
    STSAPIVersion      = "2015-04-01"

type AssumeRoleRequest Uses

type AssumeRoleRequest struct {
    RoleArn         string
    RoleSessionName string
    DurationSeconds int
    Policy          string

type AssumeRoleResponse Uses

type AssumeRoleResponse struct {
    AssumedRoleUser AssumedRoleUser
    Credentials     AssumedRoleUserCredentials

type AssumedRoleUser Uses

type AssumedRoleUser struct {
    AssumedRoleId string
    Arn           string

type AssumedRoleUserCredentials Uses

type AssumedRoleUserCredentials struct {
    AccessKeySecret string
    AccessKeyId     string
    Expiration      string
    SecurityToken   string

type GetCallerIdentityRequest Uses

type GetCallerIdentityRequest struct {

type GetCallerIdentityResponse Uses

type GetCallerIdentityResponse struct {
    AccountId string
    UserId    string
    Arn       string

type STSClient Uses

type STSClient struct {

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(accessKeyId string, accessKeySecret string) *STSClient

func NewClientWithEndpoint Uses

func NewClientWithEndpoint(endpoint string, accessKeyId string, accessKeySecret string) *STSClient

func NewClientWithEndpointAndSecurityToken Uses

func NewClientWithEndpointAndSecurityToken(endpoint string, accessKeyId string, accessKeySecret string, securityToken string) *STSClient

func NewClientWithSecurityToken Uses

func NewClientWithSecurityToken(accessKeyId string, accessKeySecret string, securityToken string) *STSClient

func (*STSClient) AssumeRole Uses

func (c *STSClient) AssumeRole(r AssumeRoleRequest) (AssumeRoleResponse, error)

func (*STSClient) GetCallerIdentity Uses

func (c *STSClient) GetCallerIdentity() (*GetCallerIdentityResponse, error)

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