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package pkg

import "github.com/derailed/popeye/pkg"


Package Files



var (
    // LogFile the path to our logs.
    LogFile = filepath.Join(os.TempDir(), "popeye.log")
    // DumpDir indicates a directory location for sanitizer reports.
    DumpDir = dumpDir()

func NopWriter Uses

func NopWriter(i io.ReadWriter) io.ReadWriteCloser

NopWriter fake writer.

type Popeye Uses

type Popeye struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Popeye represents a kubernetes linter/sanitizer.

func NewPopeye Uses

func NewPopeye(flags *config.Flags, log *zerolog.Logger) (*Popeye, error)

NewPopeye returns a new instance.

func (*Popeye) Init Uses

func (p *Popeye) Init() error

Init configures popeye prior to sanitization.

func (*Popeye) Sanitize Uses

func (p *Popeye) Sanitize() error

Sanitize scans a cluster for potential issues.

func (*Popeye) SetFactory Uses

func (p *Popeye) SetFactory(f types.Factory)

SetFactory sets the resource factory.

func (*Popeye) SetOutputTarget Uses

func (p *Popeye) SetOutputTarget(s io.ReadWriteCloser)

SetOutputTarget sets up a new output stream writer.



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