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package commands

import ""


Package Files

1_clicks.go account.go actions.go apps.go auth.go balance.go billing_history.go cdns.go certificates.go command.go command_config.go command_option.go completion.go confirmation.go databases.go doit.go domains.go droplet_actions.go droplets.go errors.go extract.go firewalls.go floating_ip_actions.go floating_ips.go image_actions.go images.go invoices.go kubernetes.go load_balancers.go plugin.go projects.go regions.go registry.go sizes.go snapshots.go ssh.go sshkeys.go tags.go version.go volume_actions.go volumes.go vpcs.go


var (
    //DoitCmd is the root level doctl command that all other commands attach to
    DoitCmd = &Command{
        Command: &cobra.Command{
            Use:   "doctl",
            Short: "doctl is a command line interface (CLI) for the DigitalOcean API.",

    //Writer wires up stdout for all commands to write to
    Writer = os.Stdout
    //APIURL customize API base URL
    APIURL string
    //Context current auth context
    Context string
    //Output global output format
    Output string
    //Token global authorization token
    Token string
    //Trace toggles http tracing output
    Trace bool
    //Verbose toggle verbose output on and off
    Verbose bool
var (
    ErrUnknownTerminal = errors.New("unknown terminal")

ErrUnknownTerminal signifies an unknown terminal. It is returned when doit can't ascertain the current terminal type with requesting an auth token.

func AddBoolFlag Uses

func AddBoolFlag(cmd *Command, name, shorthand string, def bool, desc string, opts ...flagOpt)

AddBoolFlag adds a boolean flag to a command.

func AddIntFlag Uses

func AddIntFlag(cmd *Command, name, shorthand string, def int, desc string, opts ...flagOpt)

AddIntFlag adds an integr flag to a command.

func AddStringFlag Uses

func AddStringFlag(cmd *Command, name, shorthand, dflt, desc string, opts ...flagOpt)

AddStringFlag adds a string flag to a command.

func AddStringMapStringFlag Uses

func AddStringMapStringFlag(cmd *Command, name, shorthand string, def map[string]string, desc string, opts ...flagOpt)

AddStringMapStringFlag adds a map of strings by strings flag to a command.

func AddStringSliceFlag Uses

func AddStringSliceFlag(cmd *Command, name, shorthand string, def []string, desc string, opts ...flagOpt)

AddStringSliceFlag adds a string slice flag to a command.

func AskForConfirm Uses

func AskForConfirm(message string) error

AskForConfirm parses and verifies user input for confirmation.

func AskForConfirmDelete Uses

func AskForConfirmDelete(resourceType string, count int) error

AskForConfirmDelete builds a message to ask the user to confirm deleteing one or multiple resources and then sends it through to AskForConfirm to parses and verifies user input.

func Execute Uses

func Execute()

Execute executes the current command using DoitCmd.

func RunAccountGet Uses

func RunAccountGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAccountGet runs account get.

func RunAccountRateLimit Uses

func RunAccountRateLimit(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAccountRateLimit retrieves API rate limits for the account.

func RunAppsCreate Uses

func RunAppsCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsCreate creates an app.

func RunAppsCreateDeployment Uses

func RunAppsCreateDeployment(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsCreateDeployment creates a deployment for an app.

func RunAppsDelete Uses

func RunAppsDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsDelete deletes an app.

func RunAppsGet Uses

func RunAppsGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsGet gets an app.

func RunAppsGetDeployment Uses

func RunAppsGetDeployment(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsGetDeployment gets a deployment for an app.

func RunAppsGetLogs Uses

func RunAppsGetLogs(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsGetLogs gets app logs for a given component.

func RunAppsList Uses

func RunAppsList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsGet lists all apps.

func RunAppsListDeployments Uses

func RunAppsListDeployments(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsListDeployments lists deployments for an app.

func RunAppsUpdate Uses

func RunAppsUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAppsUpdate updates an app.

func RunAuthInit Uses

func RunAuthInit(retrieveUserTokenFunc func() (string, error)) func(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAuthInit initializes the doctl config. Configuration is stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/doctl. On Unix, if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, use $HOME/.config. On Windows use %APPDATA%/doctl/config.

func RunAuthList Uses

func RunAuthList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAuthList lists all available auth contexts from the user's doctl config.

func RunAuthSwitch Uses

func RunAuthSwitch(c *CmdConfig) error

RunAuthSwitch changes the default context and writes it to the configuration.

func RunBalanceGet Uses

func RunBalanceGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunBalanceGet runs balance get.

func RunBillingHistoryList Uses

func RunBillingHistoryList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunBillingHistoryList runs invoice list.

func RunCDNCreate Uses

func RunCDNCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNCreate creates a cdn.

func RunCDNDelete Uses

func RunCDNDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNDelete deletes a cdn.

func RunCDNFlushCache Uses

func RunCDNFlushCache(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNFlushCache flushes the cache of an individual cdn

func RunCDNGet Uses

func RunCDNGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNGet returns an individual CDN.

func RunCDNList Uses

func RunCDNList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNList returns a list of CDNs.

func RunCDNUpdate Uses

func RunCDNUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCDNUpdate updates an individual cdn

func RunCertificateCreate Uses

func RunCertificateCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCertificateCreate creates a certificate.

func RunCertificateDelete Uses

func RunCertificateDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCertificateDelete deletes a certificate by its identifier.

func RunCertificateGet Uses

func RunCertificateGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCertificateGet retrieves an existing certificate by its identifier.

func RunCertificateList Uses

func RunCertificateList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCertificateList lists certificates.

func RunCmdActionGet Uses

func RunCmdActionGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdActionGet runs action get.

func RunCmdActionList Uses

func RunCmdActionList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdActionList run action list.

func RunCmdActionWait Uses

func RunCmdActionWait(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdActionWait waits for an action to complete or error.

func RunCmdTagCreate Uses

func RunCmdTagCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdTagCreate runs tag create.

func RunCmdTagDelete Uses

func RunCmdTagDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdTagDelete runs tag delete.

func RunCmdTagGet Uses

func RunCmdTagGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdTagGet runs tag get.

func RunCmdTagList Uses

func RunCmdTagList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCmdTagList runs tag list.

func RunCompletionBash Uses

func RunCompletionBash(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCompletionBash outputs completion code for bash.

func RunCompletionFish Uses

func RunCompletionFish(c *CmdConfig) error

func RunCompletionZsh Uses

func RunCompletionZsh(c *CmdConfig) error

RunCompletionZsh outputs completion code for zsh shell.

func RunDatabaseBackupsList Uses

func RunDatabaseBackupsList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseBackupsList lists all the backups for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseConnectionGet Uses

func RunDatabaseConnectionGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseConnectionGet gets database connection info

func RunDatabaseCreate Uses

func RunDatabaseCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseCreate creates a database cluster

func RunDatabaseDBCreate Uses

func RunDatabaseDBCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseDBCreate creates a database for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseDBDelete Uses

func RunDatabaseDBDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseDBDelete deletes a database

func RunDatabaseDBGet Uses

func RunDatabaseDBGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseDBGet retrieves a database for a specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseDBList Uses

func RunDatabaseDBList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseDBList retrieves a list of databases for specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseDelete Uses

func RunDatabaseDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseDelete deletes a database cluster

func RunDatabaseGet Uses

func RunDatabaseGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseGet returns an individual database cluster

func RunDatabaseGetSQLModes Uses

func RunDatabaseGetSQLModes(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseGetSQLModes gets the sql modes set on the database

func RunDatabaseList Uses

func RunDatabaseList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseList returns a list of database clusters.

func RunDatabaseMaintenanceGet Uses

func RunDatabaseMaintenanceGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseMaintenanceGet retrieves the maintenance window info for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseMaintenanceUpdate Uses

func RunDatabaseMaintenanceUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseMaintenanceUpdate updates the maintenance window info for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseMigrate Uses

func RunDatabaseMigrate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseMigrate migrates a database cluster to a new region

func RunDatabasePoolCreate Uses

func RunDatabasePoolCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabasePoolCreate creates a database pool for a database cluster

func RunDatabasePoolDelete Uses

func RunDatabasePoolDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabasePoolDelete deletes a database pool

func RunDatabasePoolGet Uses

func RunDatabasePoolGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabasePoolGet retrieves a database pool for a specific database cluster

func RunDatabasePoolList Uses

func RunDatabasePoolList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabasePoolList retrieves a list of pools for specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseReplicaConnectionGet Uses

func RunDatabaseReplicaConnectionGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseReplicaConnectionGet gets read-only replica connection info

func RunDatabaseReplicaCreate Uses

func RunDatabaseReplicaCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseReplicaCreate creates a read-only replica for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseReplicaDelete Uses

func RunDatabaseReplicaDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseReplicaDelete deletes a read-only replica

func RunDatabaseReplicaGet Uses

func RunDatabaseReplicaGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseReplicaGet retrieves a read-only replica for a specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseReplicaList Uses

func RunDatabaseReplicaList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseReplicaList retrieves a list of replicas for specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseResize Uses

func RunDatabaseResize(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseResize resizes a database cluster

func RunDatabaseSetSQLModes Uses

func RunDatabaseSetSQLModes(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseSetSQLModes sets the sql modes on the database

func RunDatabaseUserCreate Uses

func RunDatabaseUserCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseUserCreate creates a database user for a database cluster

func RunDatabaseUserDelete Uses

func RunDatabaseUserDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseUserDelete deletes a database user

func RunDatabaseUserGet Uses

func RunDatabaseUserGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseUserGet retrieves a database user for a specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseUserList Uses

func RunDatabaseUserList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDatabaseUserList retrieves a list of users for specific database cluster

func RunDatabaseUserResetAuth Uses

func RunDatabaseUserResetAuth(c *CmdConfig) error

func RunDockerConfig Uses

func RunDockerConfig(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDockerConfig generates credentials and prints a Docker config that can be used to authenticate a Docker client with the registry.

func RunDomainCreate Uses

func RunDomainCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDomainCreate runs domain create.

func RunDomainDelete Uses

func RunDomainDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDomainDelete deletes a domain by name.

func RunDomainGet Uses

func RunDomainGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDomainGet retrieves a domain by name.

func RunDomainList Uses

func RunDomainList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDomainList runs domain create.

func RunDropletActionChangeKernel Uses

func RunDropletActionChangeKernel(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionChangeKernel changes the kernel for a droplet.

func RunDropletActionDisableBackups Uses

func RunDropletActionDisableBackups(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionDisableBackups disables backups for a droplet.

func RunDropletActionEnableBackups Uses

func RunDropletActionEnableBackups(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionEnableBackups disables backups for a droplet.

func RunDropletActionEnableIPv6 Uses

func RunDropletActionEnableIPv6(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionEnableIPv6 enables IPv6 for a droplet.

func RunDropletActionEnablePrivateNetworking Uses

func RunDropletActionEnablePrivateNetworking(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionEnablePrivateNetworking enables private networking for a droplet.

func RunDropletActionGet Uses

func RunDropletActionGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionGet returns a droplet action by id.

func RunDropletActionPasswordReset Uses

func RunDropletActionPasswordReset(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionPasswordReset resets the droplet root password.

func RunDropletActionPowerCycle Uses

func RunDropletActionPowerCycle(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionPowerCycle power cycles a droplet.

func RunDropletActionPowerOff Uses

func RunDropletActionPowerOff(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionPowerOff turns droplet power off.

func RunDropletActionPowerOn Uses

func RunDropletActionPowerOn(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionPowerOn turns droplet power on.

func RunDropletActionReboot Uses

func RunDropletActionReboot(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionReboot reboots a droplet.

func RunDropletActionRebuild Uses

func RunDropletActionRebuild(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionRebuild rebuilds a droplet using an image id or slug.

func RunDropletActionRename Uses

func RunDropletActionRename(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionRename renames a droplet.

func RunDropletActionResize Uses

func RunDropletActionResize(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionResize resizesx a droplet giving a size slug and optionally expands the disk.

func RunDropletActionRestore Uses

func RunDropletActionRestore(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionRestore restores a droplet using an image id.

func RunDropletActionShutdown Uses

func RunDropletActionShutdown(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionShutdown shuts a droplet down.

func RunDropletActionSnapshot Uses

func RunDropletActionSnapshot(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActionSnapshot creates a snapshot for a droplet.

func RunDropletActions Uses

func RunDropletActions(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletActions returns a list of actions for a droplet.

func RunDropletBackups Uses

func RunDropletBackups(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletBackups returns a list of backup images for a droplet.

func RunDropletCreate Uses

func RunDropletCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletCreate creates a droplet.

func RunDropletDelete Uses

func RunDropletDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletDelete destroy a droplet by id.

func RunDropletGet Uses

func RunDropletGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletGet returns a droplet.

func RunDropletKernels Uses

func RunDropletKernels(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletKernels returns a list of available kernels for a droplet.

func RunDropletList Uses

func RunDropletList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletList returns a list of droplets.

func RunDropletNeighbors Uses

func RunDropletNeighbors(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletNeighbors returns a list of droplet neighbors.

func RunDropletOneClickList Uses

func RunDropletOneClickList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletOneClickList retrieves a list of 1-clicks for Droplets.

func RunDropletSnapshots Uses

func RunDropletSnapshots(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletSnapshots returns a list of available kernels for a droplet.

func RunDropletTag Uses

func RunDropletTag(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletTag adds a tag to a droplet.

func RunDropletUntag Uses

func RunDropletUntag(c *CmdConfig) error

RunDropletUntag untags a droplet.

func RunFirewallAddDroplets Uses

func RunFirewallAddDroplets(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallAddDroplets adds droplets to a Firewall.

func RunFirewallAddRules Uses

func RunFirewallAddRules(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallAddRules adds rules to a Firewall.

func RunFirewallAddTags Uses

func RunFirewallAddTags(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallAddTags adds tags to a Firewall.

func RunFirewallCreate Uses

func RunFirewallCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallCreate creates a new Firewall with a given configuration.

func RunFirewallDelete Uses

func RunFirewallDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallDelete deletes a Firewall by its identifier.

func RunFirewallGet Uses

func RunFirewallGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallGet retrieves an existing Firewall by its identifier.

func RunFirewallList Uses

func RunFirewallList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallList lists Firewalls.

func RunFirewallListByDroplet Uses

func RunFirewallListByDroplet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallListByDroplet lists Firewalls for a given Droplet.

func RunFirewallRemoveDroplets Uses

func RunFirewallRemoveDroplets(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallRemoveDroplets removes droplets from a Firewall.

func RunFirewallRemoveRules Uses

func RunFirewallRemoveRules(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallRemoveRules removes rules from a Firewall.

func RunFirewallRemoveTags Uses

func RunFirewallRemoveTags(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallRemoveTags removes tags from a Firewall.

func RunFirewallUpdate Uses

func RunFirewallUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFirewallUpdate updates an existing Firewall with new configuration.

func RunFloatingIPActionsAssign Uses

func RunFloatingIPActionsAssign(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPActionsAssign assigns a floating IP to a droplet.

func RunFloatingIPActionsGet Uses

func RunFloatingIPActionsGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPActionsGet retrieves an action for a floating IP.

func RunFloatingIPActionsUnassign Uses

func RunFloatingIPActionsUnassign(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPActionsUnassign unassigns a floating IP to a droplet.

func RunFloatingIPCreate Uses

func RunFloatingIPCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPCreate runs floating IP create.

func RunFloatingIPDelete Uses

func RunFloatingIPDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPDelete runs floating IP delete.

func RunFloatingIPGet Uses

func RunFloatingIPGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPGet retrieves a floating IP's details.

func RunFloatingIPList Uses

func RunFloatingIPList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunFloatingIPList runs floating IP create.

func RunImageActionsGet Uses

func RunImageActionsGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImageActionsGet retrieves an action for an image.

func RunImageActionsTransfer Uses

func RunImageActionsTransfer(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImageActionsTransfer an image.

func RunImagesCreate Uses

func RunImagesCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesCreate creates a new custom image.

func RunImagesDelete Uses

func RunImagesDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesDelete deletes an image.

func RunImagesGet Uses

func RunImagesGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesGet retrieves an image by id or slug.

func RunImagesList Uses

func RunImagesList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesList images.

func RunImagesListApplication Uses

func RunImagesListApplication(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesListApplication lists application iamges.

func RunImagesListDistribution Uses

func RunImagesListDistribution(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesListDistribution lists distributions that are available.

func RunImagesListUser Uses

func RunImagesListUser(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesListUser lists user images.

func RunImagesUpdate Uses

func RunImagesUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunImagesUpdate updates an image.

func RunInvoicesGet Uses

func RunInvoicesGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunInvoicesGet runs invoice get.

func RunInvoicesGetCSV Uses

func RunInvoicesGetCSV(c *CmdConfig) error

RunInvoicesGetCSV runs an invoice get csv.

func RunInvoicesGetPDF Uses

func RunInvoicesGetPDF(c *CmdConfig) error

RunInvoicesGetPDF runs an invoice get pdf.

func RunInvoicesList Uses

func RunInvoicesList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunInvoicesList runs invoice list.

func RunInvoicesSummary Uses

func RunInvoicesSummary(c *CmdConfig) error

RunInvoicesSummary runs an invoice summary.

func RunKeyCreate Uses

func RunKeyCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyCreate uploads a SSH key.

func RunKeyDelete Uses

func RunKeyDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyDelete deletes a key.

func RunKeyGet Uses

func RunKeyGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyGet retrieves a key.

func RunKeyImport Uses

func RunKeyImport(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyImport imports a key from a file

func RunKeyList Uses

func RunKeyList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyList lists keys.

func RunKeyUpdate Uses

func RunKeyUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKeyUpdate updates a key.

func RunKubernetesManifest Uses

func RunKubernetesManifest(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesManifest prints a Kubernetes manifest that provides read/pull access to the registry

func RunKubernetesOneClickList Uses

func RunKubernetesOneClickList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesOneClickList retrieves a list of 1-clicks for kubernetes.

func RunListRepositories Uses

func RunListRepositories(c *CmdConfig) error

RunListRepositories lists repositories for the registry

func RunListRepositoryTags Uses

func RunListRepositoryTags(c *CmdConfig) error

RunListRepositoryTags lists tags for the repository in a registry

func RunLoadBalancerAddDroplets Uses

func RunLoadBalancerAddDroplets(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerAddDroplets adds droplets to a load balancer.

func RunLoadBalancerAddForwardingRules Uses

func RunLoadBalancerAddForwardingRules(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerAddForwardingRules adds forwarding rules to a load balancer.

func RunLoadBalancerCreate Uses

func RunLoadBalancerCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerCreate creates a new load balancer with a given configuration.

func RunLoadBalancerDelete Uses

func RunLoadBalancerDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerDelete deletes a load balancer by its identifier.

func RunLoadBalancerGet Uses

func RunLoadBalancerGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerGet retrieves an existing load balancer by its identifier.

func RunLoadBalancerList Uses

func RunLoadBalancerList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerList lists load balancers.

func RunLoadBalancerRemoveDroplets Uses

func RunLoadBalancerRemoveDroplets(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerRemoveDroplets removes droplets from a load balancer.

func RunLoadBalancerRemoveForwardingRules Uses

func RunLoadBalancerRemoveForwardingRules(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerRemoveForwardingRules removes forwarding rules from a load balancer.

func RunLoadBalancerUpdate Uses

func RunLoadBalancerUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunLoadBalancerUpdate updates an existing load balancer with new configuration.

func RunOneClickList Uses

func RunOneClickList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunOneClickList retrieves a list of 1-clicks by type. If no type is specified then all types are returned.

func RunPluginList Uses

func RunPluginList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunPluginList is a command for listing available plugins.

func RunPluginRun Uses

func RunPluginRun(c *CmdConfig) error

RunPluginRun is a command for running a plugin.

func RunProjectResourcesAssign Uses

func RunProjectResourcesAssign(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectResourcesAssign assigns a Project Resource.

func RunProjectResourcesGet Uses

func RunProjectResourcesGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectResourcesGet retrieves a Project Resource.

func RunProjectResourcesList Uses

func RunProjectResourcesList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectResourcesList lists the Projects.

func RunProjectsCreate Uses

func RunProjectsCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectsCreate creates a new Project with a given configuration.

func RunProjectsDelete Uses

func RunProjectsDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectsDelete deletes a Project with a given configuration.

func RunProjectsGet Uses

func RunProjectsGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectsGet retrieves an existing Project by its identifier. Use "default" as an identifier to retrieve your default project.

func RunProjectsList Uses

func RunProjectsList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectsList lists Projects.

func RunProjectsUpdate Uses

func RunProjectsUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunProjectsUpdate updates an existing Project with a given configuration.

func RunRecordCreate Uses

func RunRecordCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRecordCreate creates a domain record.

func RunRecordDelete Uses

func RunRecordDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRecordDelete deletes a domain record.

func RunRecordList Uses

func RunRecordList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRecordList list records for a domain.

func RunRecordUpdate Uses

func RunRecordUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRecordUpdate updates a domain record.

func RunRegionList Uses

func RunRegionList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegionList all regions.

func RunRegistryCreate Uses

func RunRegistryCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegistryCreate creates a registry

func RunRegistryDelete Uses

func RunRegistryDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegistryDelete delete the registry

func RunRegistryGet Uses

func RunRegistryGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegistryGet returns the registry

func RunRegistryLogin Uses

func RunRegistryLogin(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegistryLogin logs in Docker to the registry

func RunRegistryLogout Uses

func RunRegistryLogout(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRegistryLogout logs Docker out of the registry

func RunRepositoryDeleteManifest Uses

func RunRepositoryDeleteManifest(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRepositoryDeleteManifest deletes one or more repository manifests by digest

func RunRepositoryDeleteTag Uses

func RunRepositoryDeleteTag(c *CmdConfig) error

RunRepositoryDeleteTag deletes one or more repository tags

func RunSSH Uses

func RunSSH(c *CmdConfig) error

RunSSH finds a droplet to ssh to given input parameters (name or id).

func RunSizeList Uses

func RunSizeList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunSizeList all sizes.

func RunSnapshotDelete Uses

func RunSnapshotDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunSnapshotDelete destroys snapshot(s) by id

func RunSnapshotGet Uses

func RunSnapshotGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunSnapshotGet returns a snapshot

func RunSnapshotList Uses

func RunSnapshotList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunSnapshotList returns a list of snapshots

func RunVPCCreate Uses

func RunVPCCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVPCCreate creates a new VPC with a given configuration.

func RunVPCDelete Uses

func RunVPCDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVPCDelete deletes a VPC by its identifier.

func RunVPCGet Uses

func RunVPCGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVPCGet retrieves an existing VPC by its identifier.

func RunVPCList Uses

func RunVPCList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVPCList lists VPCs.

func RunVPCUpdate Uses

func RunVPCUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVPCUpdate updates an existing VPC with new configuration.

func RunVolumeAttach Uses

func RunVolumeAttach(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeAttach attaches a volume to a droplet.

func RunVolumeCreate Uses

func RunVolumeCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeCreate creates a volume.

func RunVolumeDelete Uses

func RunVolumeDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeDelete deletes a volume.

func RunVolumeDetach Uses

func RunVolumeDetach(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeDetach detaches a volume by droplet ID

func RunVolumeGet Uses

func RunVolumeGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeGet gets a volume.

func RunVolumeList Uses

func RunVolumeList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeList returns a list of volumes.

func RunVolumeResize Uses

func RunVolumeResize(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeResize resizes a volume

func RunVolumeSnapshot Uses

func RunVolumeSnapshot(c *CmdConfig) error

RunVolumeSnapshot creates a snapshot of a volume

type CmdConfig Uses

type CmdConfig struct {
    NS   string
    Doit doctl.Config
    Out  io.Writer
    Args []string

    // services
    Keys              func() do.KeysService
    Sizes             func() do.SizesService
    Regions           func() do.RegionsService
    Images            func() do.ImagesService
    ImageActions      func() do.ImageActionsService
    LoadBalancers     func() do.LoadBalancersService
    FloatingIPs       func() do.FloatingIPsService
    FloatingIPActions func() do.FloatingIPActionsService
    Droplets          func() do.DropletsService
    DropletActions    func() do.DropletActionsService
    Domains           func() do.DomainsService
    Actions           func() do.ActionsService
    Account           func() do.AccountService
    Balance           func() do.BalanceService
    BillingHistory    func() do.BillingHistoryService
    Invoices          func() do.InvoicesService
    Tags              func() do.TagsService
    Volumes           func() do.VolumesService
    VolumeActions     func() do.VolumeActionsService
    Snapshots         func() do.SnapshotsService
    Certificates      func() do.CertificatesService
    Firewalls         func() do.FirewallsService
    CDNs              func() do.CDNsService
    Projects          func() do.ProjectsService
    Kubernetes        func() do.KubernetesService
    Databases         func() do.DatabasesService
    Registry          func() do.RegistryService
    VPCs              func() do.VPCsService
    OneClicks         func() do.OneClickService
    Apps              func() do.AppsService
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CmdConfig is a command configuration.

func NewCmdConfig Uses

func NewCmdConfig(ns string, dc doctl.Config, out io.Writer, args []string, initGodo bool) (*CmdConfig, error)

NewCmdConfig creates an instance of a CmdConfig.

func (*CmdConfig) Display Uses

func (c *CmdConfig) Display(d displayers.Displayable) error

Display displays the output from a command.

type CmdRunner Uses

type CmdRunner func(*CmdConfig) error

CmdRunner runs a command and passes in a cmdConfig.

type Command Uses

type Command struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Command is a wrapper around cobra.Command that adds doctl specific functionality.

func Account Uses

func Account() *Command

Account creates the account commands hierarchy.

func Actions Uses

func Actions() *Command

Actions creates the action commands hierarchy.

func Apps Uses

func Apps() *Command

Apps creates the apps command.

func Auth Uses

func Auth() *Command

Auth creates auth commands for doctl.

func Balance Uses

func Balance() *Command

Balance creates the balance commands hierarchy.

func BillingHistory Uses

func BillingHistory() *Command

BillingHistory creates the BillingHistory commands hierarchy.

func CDN Uses

func CDN() *Command

CDN creates the CDN command

func Certificate Uses

func Certificate() *Command

Certificate creates the certificate command.

func CmdBuilder Uses

func CmdBuilder(parent *Command, cr CmdRunner, cliText, shortdesc string, longdesc string, out io.Writer, options ...cmdOption) *Command

CmdBuilder builds a new command.

func Completion Uses

func Completion() *Command

Completion creates the completion command

func Databases Uses

func Databases() *Command

Databases creates the databases command

func Domain Uses

func Domain() *Command

Domain creates the domain commands hierarchy.

func Droplet Uses

func Droplet() *Command

Droplet creates the droplet command.

func DropletAction Uses

func DropletAction() *Command

DropletAction creates the droplet-action command.

func Firewall Uses

func Firewall() *Command

Firewall creates the firewall command.

func FloatingIP Uses

func FloatingIP() *Command

FloatingIP creates the command hierarchy for floating ips.

func FloatingIPAction Uses

func FloatingIPAction() *Command

FloatingIPAction creates the floating IP action command.

func ImageAction Uses

func ImageAction() *Command

ImageAction creates the image action command.

func Images Uses

func Images() *Command

Images creates an image command.

func Invoices Uses

func Invoices() *Command

Invoices creates the invoices commands hierarchy.

func Kubernetes Uses

func Kubernetes() *Command

Kubernetes creates the kubernetes command.

func LoadBalancer Uses

func LoadBalancer() *Command

LoadBalancer creates the load balancer command.

func OneClicks Uses

func OneClicks() *Command

OneClicks creates the 1-click command.

func Plugin Uses

func Plugin() *Command

Plugin creates the plugin commands hierarchy.

func ProjectResourcesCmd Uses

func ProjectResourcesCmd() *Command

ProjectResourcesCmd creates the project resources commands hierarchy.

func Projects Uses

func Projects() *Command

Projects creates the projects commands hierarchy.

func Region Uses

func Region() *Command

Region creates the region commands hierarchy.

func Registry Uses

func Registry() *Command

Registry creates the registry command

func Repository Uses

func Repository() *Command

Repository creates the repository sub-command

func SSH Uses

func SSH(parent *Command) *Command

SSH creates the ssh commands hierarchy

func SSHKeys Uses

func SSHKeys() *Command

SSHKeys creates the ssh key commands hierarchy.

func Size Uses

func Size() *Command

Size creates the size commands hierarchy.

func Snapshot Uses

func Snapshot() *Command

Snapshot creates the snapshot command

func Tags Uses

func Tags() *Command

Tags creates the tag commands hierarchy.

func VPCs Uses

func VPCs() *Command

VPCs creates the vpcs command.

func Version Uses

func Version() *Command

Version creates a version command.

func Volume Uses

func Volume() *Command

Volume creates the Volume command

func VolumeAction Uses

func VolumeAction() *Command

VolumeAction creates the volume command

func (*Command) AddCommand Uses

func (c *Command) AddCommand(commands ...*Command)

AddCommand adds child commands and adds child commands for cobra as well.

func (*Command) ChildCommands Uses

func (c *Command) ChildCommands() []*Command

ChildCommands returns the child commands.

type KubeconfigProvider Uses

type KubeconfigProvider interface {
    Remote(kube do.KubernetesService, clusterID string) (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)
    Local() (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)
    Write(config *clientcmdapi.Config) error
    ConfigPath() string

KubeconfigProvider allows a user to read from a remote and local Kubeconfig, and write to a local Kubeconfig.

type KubernetesCommandService Uses

type KubernetesCommandService struct {
    KubeconfigProvider KubeconfigProvider

KubernetesCommandService is used to execute Kubernetes commands.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListNodeSizes Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListNodeSizes(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubeOptionsListNodeSizes lists valid node sizes for kubernetes clusters.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListRegion Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListRegion(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubeOptionsListRegion lists valid regions for kubernetes clusters.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListVersion Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubeOptionsListVersion(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubeOptionsListVersion lists valid versions for kubernetes clusters.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterCreate Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterCreate(defaultNodeSize string, defaultNodeCount int) func(*CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterCreate creates a new kubernetes with a given configuration.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterDelete Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterDelete deletes a Kubernetes cluster

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterGet Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterGet retrieves an existing kubernetes cluster by its identifier.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterGetUpgrades Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterGetUpgrades(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterGetUpgrades retrieves available upgrade versions for a cluster.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterList Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterList lists kubernetess.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterUpdate Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterUpdate updates an existing kubernetes with new configuration.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterUpgrade Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesClusterUpgrade(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesClusterUpgrade upgrades an existing cluster to a new version.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigExecCredential Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigExecCredential(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesKubeconfigExecCredential displays the exec credential. It is for internal use only.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigRemove Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigRemove(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesKubeconfigRemove retrieves an existing kubernetes config and removes it from your local kubeconfig.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigSave Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigSave(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesKubeconfigSave retrieves an existing kubernetes config and saves it to your local kubeconfig.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigShow Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesKubeconfigShow(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesKubeconfigShow retrieves an existing kubernetes config and prints it.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodeDelete Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodeDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodeDelete deletes a Kubernetes Node

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolCreate Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolCreate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolCreate creates a new cluster node pool with a given configuration.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolDelete Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolDelete(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolDelete deletes a Kubernetes node pool

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolGet Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolGet(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolGet retrieves an existing cluster node pool by its identifier.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolList Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolList(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolList lists cluster node pool.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolRecycle Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolRecycle(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolRecycle DEPRECATED: will be removed in v2.0, please use delete-node or replace-node

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolUpdate Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodePoolUpdate(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodePoolUpdate updates an existing cluster node pool with new properties.

func (*KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodeReplace Uses

func (s *KubernetesCommandService) RunKubernetesNodeReplace(c *CmdConfig) error

RunKubernetesNodeReplace replaces a Kubernetes Node

type UnknownSchemeError Uses

type UnknownSchemeError struct {
    Scheme string

UnknownSchemeError signifies an unknown HTTP scheme.

func (*UnknownSchemeError) Error Uses

func (use *UnknownSchemeError) Error() string



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