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package do

import ""


Package Files

1_clicks.go account.go actions.go apps.go balance.go billing_history.go cdns.go certificates.go databases.go domains.go droplet_actions.go droplets.go firewalls.go floating_ip_actions.go floating_ips.go image_actions.go images.go invoices.go kubernetes.go load_balancers.go pagination.go projects.go regions.go registry.go sizes.go snapshots.go sshkeys.go tags.go volume_actions.go volumes.go vpcs.go


const RegistryHostname = ""

RegistryHostname is the hostname for the DO registry

func PaginateResp Uses

func PaginateResp(gen Generator) ([]interface{}, error)

PaginateResp paginates a Response.

type Account Uses

type Account struct {

Account is a wrapper for godo.Account.

type AccountService Uses

type AccountService interface {
    Get() (*Account, error)
    RateLimit() (*RateLimit, error)

AccountService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's account api.

func NewAccountService Uses

func NewAccountService(godoClient *godo.Client) AccountService

NewAccountService builds an AccountService instance.

type Action Uses

type Action struct {

Action is a wrapper for godo.Action

type Actions Uses

type Actions []Action

Actions is a slice of Action.

type ActionsService Uses

type ActionsService interface {
    List() (Actions, error)
    Get(int) (*Action, error)

ActionsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's action api.

func NewActionsService Uses

func NewActionsService(godoClient *godo.Client) ActionsService

NewActionsService builds an ActionsService instance.

type AppsService Uses

type AppsService interface {
    Create(req *godo.AppCreateRequest) (*godo.App, error)
    Get(appID string) (*godo.App, error)
    List() ([]*godo.App, error)
    Update(appID string, req *godo.AppUpdateRequest) (*godo.App, error)
    Delete(appID string) error

    CreateDeployment(appID string) (*godo.Deployment, error)
    GetDeployment(appID, deploymentID string) (*godo.Deployment, error)
    ListDeployments(appID string) ([]*godo.Deployment, error)

    GetLogs(appID, deploymentID, component string, logType godo.AppLogType, follow bool) (*godo.AppLogs, error)

AppsService is the interface that wraps godo AppsService.

func NewAppsService Uses

func NewAppsService(client *godo.Client) AppsService

NewAppsService builds an instance of AppsService.

type Balance Uses

type Balance struct {

Balance is a wrapper for godo.Balance.

type BalanceService Uses

type BalanceService interface {
    Get() (*Balance, error)

BalanceService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's balance api.

func NewBalanceService Uses

func NewBalanceService(godoClient *godo.Client) BalanceService

NewBalanceService builds an BalanceService instance.

type BillingHistory Uses

type BillingHistory struct {

BillingHistory is a wrapper for godo.BillingHistory

type BillingHistoryService Uses

type BillingHistoryService interface {
    List() (*BillingHistory, error)

BillingHistoryService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's invoices api.

func NewBillingHistoryService Uses

func NewBillingHistoryService(client *godo.Client) BillingHistoryService

NewBillingHistoryService builds an BillingHistoryService instance.

type CDN Uses

type CDN struct {

CDN is a wrapper for godo.CDN.

type CDNsService Uses

type CDNsService interface {
    List() ([]CDN, error)
    Get(string) (*CDN, error)
    Create(*godo.CDNCreateRequest) (*CDN, error)
    UpdateTTL(string, *godo.CDNUpdateTTLRequest) (*CDN, error)
    UpdateCustomDomain(string, *godo.CDNUpdateCustomDomainRequest) (*CDN, error)
    FlushCache(string, *godo.CDNFlushCacheRequest) error
    Delete(string) error

CDNsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's CDN api.

func NewCDNsService Uses

func NewCDNsService(godoClient *godo.Client) CDNsService

NewCDNsService builds an NewCDNsService instance.

type Certificate Uses

type Certificate struct {

Certificate wraps a godo Certificate.

type Certificates Uses

type Certificates []Certificate

Certificates is a slice of Certificate.

type CertificatesService Uses

type CertificatesService interface {
    Get(cID string) (*Certificate, error)
    Create(cr *godo.CertificateRequest) (*Certificate, error)
    List() (Certificates, error)
    Delete(cID string) error

CertificatesService is the godo CertificatesService interface.

func NewCertificatesService Uses

func NewCertificatesService(client *godo.Client) CertificatesService

NewCertificatesService builds an instance of CertificatesService.

type Database Uses

type Database struct {

Database is a wrapper for godo.Database

type DatabaseBackup Uses

type DatabaseBackup struct {

DatabaseBackup is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseBackup

type DatabaseBackups Uses

type DatabaseBackups []DatabaseBackup

DatabaseBackups is a slice of DatabaseBackup

type DatabaseConnection Uses

type DatabaseConnection struct {

DatabaseConnection is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseConnection

type DatabaseDB Uses

type DatabaseDB struct {

DatabaseDB is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseDB

type DatabaseDBs Uses

type DatabaseDBs []DatabaseDB

DatabaseDBs is a slice of DatabaseDB

type DatabaseMaintenanceWindow Uses

type DatabaseMaintenanceWindow struct {

DatabaseMaintenanceWindow is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseMaintenanceWindow

type DatabasePool Uses

type DatabasePool struct {

DatabasePool is a wrapper for godo.DatabasePool

type DatabasePools Uses

type DatabasePools []DatabasePool

DatabasePools is a slice of DatabasePool

type DatabaseReplica Uses

type DatabaseReplica struct {

DatabaseReplica is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseReplica

type DatabaseReplicas Uses

type DatabaseReplicas []DatabaseReplica

DatabaseReplicas is a slice of DatabaseReplica

type DatabaseUser Uses

type DatabaseUser struct {

DatabaseUser is a wrapper for godo.DatabaseUser

type DatabaseUsers Uses

type DatabaseUsers []DatabaseUser

DatabaseUsers is a slice of DatabaseUser

type Databases Uses

type Databases []Database

Databases is a slice of Database

type DatabasesService Uses

type DatabasesService interface {
    List() (Databases, error)
    Get(string) (*Database, error)
    Create(*godo.DatabaseCreateRequest) (*Database, error)
    Delete(string) error
    GetConnection(string) (*DatabaseConnection, error)
    ListBackups(string) (DatabaseBackups, error)
    Resize(string, *godo.DatabaseResizeRequest) error
    Migrate(string, *godo.DatabaseMigrateRequest) error

    GetMaintenance(string) (*DatabaseMaintenanceWindow, error)
    UpdateMaintenance(string, *godo.DatabaseUpdateMaintenanceRequest) error

    GetUser(string, string) (*DatabaseUser, error)
    ListUsers(string) (DatabaseUsers, error)
    CreateUser(string, *godo.DatabaseCreateUserRequest) (*DatabaseUser, error)
    DeleteUser(string, string) error
    ResetUserAuth(string, string, *godo.DatabaseResetUserAuthRequest) (*DatabaseUser, error)

    ListDBs(string) (DatabaseDBs, error)
    CreateDB(string, *godo.DatabaseCreateDBRequest) (*DatabaseDB, error)
    GetDB(string, string) (*DatabaseDB, error)
    DeleteDB(string, string) error

    ListPools(string) (DatabasePools, error)
    CreatePool(string, *godo.DatabaseCreatePoolRequest) (*DatabasePool, error)
    GetPool(string, string) (*DatabasePool, error)
    DeletePool(string, string) error

    GetReplica(string, string) (*DatabaseReplica, error)
    ListReplicas(string) (DatabaseReplicas, error)
    CreateReplica(string, *godo.DatabaseCreateReplicaRequest) (*DatabaseReplica, error)
    DeleteReplica(string, string) error
    GetReplicaConnection(string, string) (*DatabaseConnection, error)

    GetSQLMode(string) ([]string, error)
    SetSQLMode(string, ...string) error

DatabasesService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's Database API

func NewDatabasesService Uses

func NewDatabasesService(client *godo.Client) DatabasesService

NewDatabasesService builds a DatabasesService instance.

type Domain Uses

type Domain struct {

Domain wraps a godo Domain.

type DomainRecord Uses

type DomainRecord struct {

DomainRecord wraps a godo DomainRecord.

type DomainRecordEditRequest Uses

type DomainRecordEditRequest struct {
    Type     string `json:"type,omitempty"`
    Name     string `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Data     string `json:"data,omitempty"`
    Priority int    `json:"priority"`
    Port     *int   `json:"port,omitempty"`
    TTL      int    `json:"ttl,omitempty"`
    Weight   int    `json:"weight"`
    Flags    int    `json:"flags"`
    Tag      string `json:"tag,omitempty"`

A DomainRecordEditRequest is used in place of godo's DomainRecordEditRequest in order to work around the fact that we cannot send a port value of 0 via godo due to Go's JSON encoding logic.

type DomainRecords Uses

type DomainRecords []DomainRecord

DomainRecords is a slice of DomainRecord.

type Domains Uses

type Domains []Domain

Domains is a slice of Domain.

type DomainsService Uses

type DomainsService interface {
    List() (Domains, error)
    Get(string) (*Domain, error)
    Create(*godo.DomainCreateRequest) (*Domain, error)
    Delete(string) error

    Records(string) (DomainRecords, error)
    Record(string, int) (*DomainRecord, error)
    DeleteRecord(string, int) error
    EditRecord(string, int, *DomainRecordEditRequest) (*DomainRecord, error)
    CreateRecord(string, *DomainRecordEditRequest) (*DomainRecord, error)

DomainsService is the godo DOmainsService interface.

func NewDomainsService Uses

func NewDomainsService(client *godo.Client) DomainsService

NewDomainsService builds an instance of DomainsService.

type Droplet Uses

type Droplet struct {

Droplet is a wrapper for godo.Droplet

type DropletActionsService Uses

type DropletActionsService interface {
    Shutdown(int) (*Action, error)
    ShutdownByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    PowerOff(int) (*Action, error)
    PowerOffByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    PowerOn(int) (*Action, error)
    PowerOnByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    PowerCycle(int) (*Action, error)
    PowerCycleByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    Reboot(int) (*Action, error)
    Restore(int, int) (*Action, error)
    Resize(int, string, bool) (*Action, error)
    Rename(int, string) (*Action, error)
    Snapshot(int, string) (*Action, error)
    SnapshotByTag(string, string) (Actions, error)
    EnableBackups(int) (*Action, error)
    EnableBackupsByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    DisableBackups(int) (*Action, error)
    DisableBackupsByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    PasswordReset(int) (*Action, error)
    RebuildByImageID(int, int) (*Action, error)
    RebuildByImageSlug(int, string) (*Action, error)
    ChangeKernel(int, int) (*Action, error)
    EnableIPv6(int) (*Action, error)
    EnableIPv6ByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    EnablePrivateNetworking(int) (*Action, error)
    EnablePrivateNetworkingByTag(string) (Actions, error)
    Get(int, int) (*Action, error)
    GetByURI(string) (*Action, error)

DropletActionsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's droplet action api.

func NewDropletActionsService Uses

func NewDropletActionsService(godoClient *godo.Client) DropletActionsService

NewDropletActionsService builds an instance of DropletActionsService.

type DropletIPTable Uses

type DropletIPTable map[InterfaceType]string

DropletIPTable is a table of interface IPS.

type Droplets Uses

type Droplets []Droplet

Droplets is a slice of Droplet.

type DropletsService Uses

type DropletsService interface {
    List() (Droplets, error)
    ListByTag(string) (Droplets, error)
    Get(int) (*Droplet, error)
    Create(*godo.DropletCreateRequest, bool) (*Droplet, error)
    CreateMultiple(*godo.DropletMultiCreateRequest) (Droplets, error)
    Delete(int) error
    DeleteByTag(string) error
    Kernels(int) (Kernels, error)
    Snapshots(int) (Images, error)
    Backups(int) (Images, error)
    Actions(int) (Actions, error)
    Neighbors(int) (Droplets, error)

DropletsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's droplet api.

func NewDropletsService Uses

func NewDropletsService(client *godo.Client) DropletsService

NewDropletsService builds a DropletsService instance.

type Firewall Uses

type Firewall struct {

Firewall wraps a godo Firewall.

type Firewalls Uses

type Firewalls []Firewall

Firewalls is a slice of Firewall.

type FirewallsService Uses

type FirewallsService interface {
    Get(fID string) (*Firewall, error)
    Create(fr *godo.FirewallRequest) (*Firewall, error)
    Update(fID string, fr *godo.FirewallRequest) (*Firewall, error)
    List() (Firewalls, error)
    ListByDroplet(dID int) (Firewalls, error)
    Delete(fID string) error
    AddDroplets(fID string, dIDs error
    RemoveDroplets(fID string, dIDs error
    AddTags(fID string, tags ...string) error
    RemoveTags(fID string, tags ...string) error
    AddRules(fID string, rr *godo.FirewallRulesRequest) error
    RemoveRules(fID string, rr *godo.FirewallRulesRequest) error

FirewallsService is the godo FirewallsService interface.

func NewFirewallsService Uses

func NewFirewallsService(client *godo.Client) FirewallsService

NewFirewallsService builds an instance of FirewallsService.

type FloatingIP Uses

type FloatingIP struct {

FloatingIP wraps a godo FloatingIP.

type FloatingIPActionsService Uses

type FloatingIPActionsService interface {
    Assign(ip string, dropletID int) (*Action, error)
    Unassign(ip string) (*Action, error)
    Get(ip string, actionID int) (*Action, error)
    List(ip string, opt *godo.ListOptions) ([]Action, error)

FloatingIPActionsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's floating ip action api.

func NewFloatingIPActionsService Uses

func NewFloatingIPActionsService(godoClient *godo.Client) FloatingIPActionsService

NewFloatingIPActionsService builds a FloatingIPActionsService instance.

type FloatingIPs Uses

type FloatingIPs []FloatingIP

FloatingIPs is a slice of FloatingIP.

type FloatingIPsService Uses

type FloatingIPsService interface {
    List() (FloatingIPs, error)
    Get(ip string) (*FloatingIP, error)
    Create(ficr *godo.FloatingIPCreateRequest) (*FloatingIP, error)
    Delete(ip string) error

FloatingIPsService is the godo FloatingIPsService interface.

func NewFloatingIPsService Uses

func NewFloatingIPsService(client *godo.Client) FloatingIPsService

NewFloatingIPsService builds an instance of FloatingIPsService.

type Generator Uses

type Generator func(*godo.ListOptions) ([]interface{}, *godo.Response, error)

Generator is a function that generates the list to be paginated.

type Image Uses

type Image struct {

Image is a werapper for godo.Image

type ImageActionsService Uses

type ImageActionsService interface {
    Get(int, int) (*Action, error)
    Convert(int) (*Action, error)
    Transfer(int, *godo.ActionRequest) (*Action, error)

ImageActionsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's image action api.

func NewImageActionsService Uses

func NewImageActionsService(client *godo.Client) ImageActionsService

NewImageActionsService builds an ImageActionsService instance.

type Images Uses

type Images []Image

Images is a slice of Droplet.

type ImagesService Uses

type ImagesService interface {
    List(public bool) (Images, error)
    ListDistribution(public bool) (Images, error)
    ListApplication(public bool) (Images, error)
    ListUser(public bool) (Images, error)
    GetByID(id int) (*Image, error)
    GetBySlug(slug string) (*Image, error)
    Update(id int, iur *godo.ImageUpdateRequest) (*Image, error)
    Delete(id int) error
    Create(icr *godo.CustomImageCreateRequest) (*Image, error)

ImagesService is the godo ImagesService interface.

func NewImagesService Uses

func NewImagesService(client *godo.Client) ImagesService

NewImagesService builds an instance of ImagesService.

type InterfaceType Uses

type InterfaceType string

InterfaceType is a an interface type.

const (
    // InterfacePublic is a public interface.
    InterfacePublic InterfaceType = "public"
    // InterfacePrivate is a private interface.
    InterfacePrivate InterfaceType = "private"

type Invoice Uses

type Invoice struct {

Invoice is a wrapper for godo.Invoice

type InvoiceItem Uses

type InvoiceItem struct {

InvoiceItem is a wrapper for godo.InvoiceItem

type InvoiceList Uses

type InvoiceList struct {

InvoiceList is a the results when listing invoices

type InvoiceSummary Uses

type InvoiceSummary struct {

InvoiceSummary is a wrapper for godo.InvoiceSummary

type InvoicesService Uses

type InvoicesService interface {
    Get(string) (*Invoice, error)
    List() (*InvoiceList, error)
    GetSummary(string) (*InvoiceSummary, error)
    GetPDF(string) ([]byte, error)
    GetCSV(string) ([]byte, error)

InvoicesService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's invoices api.

func NewInvoicesService Uses

func NewInvoicesService(client *godo.Client) InvoicesService

NewInvoicesService builds an InvoicesService instance.

type Kernel Uses

type Kernel struct {

Kernel is a wrapper for godo.Kernel

type Kernels Uses

type Kernels []Kernel

Kernels is a slice of Kernel.

type KeysService Uses

type KeysService interface {
    List() (SSHKeys, error)
    Get(id string) (*SSHKey, error)
    Create(kcr *godo.KeyCreateRequest) (*SSHKey, error)
    Update(id string, kur *godo.KeyUpdateRequest) (*SSHKey, error)
    Delete(id string) error

KeysService is the godo KeysService interface.

func NewKeysService Uses

func NewKeysService(client *godo.Client) KeysService

NewKeysService builds an instance of KeysService.

type KubernetesCluster Uses

type KubernetesCluster struct {

KubernetesCluster wraps a godo KubernetesCluster.

type KubernetesClusterCredentials Uses

type KubernetesClusterCredentials struct {

KubernetesClusterCredentials wraps a godo KubernetesClusterCredentials.

type KubernetesClusters Uses

type KubernetesClusters []KubernetesCluster

KubernetesClusters is a slice of KubernetesCluster.

type KubernetesNodePool Uses

type KubernetesNodePool struct {

KubernetesNodePool wraps a godo KubernetesNodePool.

type KubernetesNodePools Uses

type KubernetesNodePools []KubernetesNodePool

KubernetesNodePools is a slice of KubernetesNodePool.

type KubernetesNodeSize Uses

type KubernetesNodeSize struct {

KubernetesNodeSize wraps a godo KubernetesNodeSize.

type KubernetesNodeSizes Uses

type KubernetesNodeSizes []KubernetesNodeSize

KubernetesNodeSizes is a slice of KubernetesNodeSizes.

type KubernetesRegion Uses

type KubernetesRegion struct {

KubernetesRegion wraps a godo KubernetesRegion.

type KubernetesRegions Uses

type KubernetesRegions []KubernetesRegion

KubernetesRegions is a slice of KubernetesRegions.

type KubernetesService Uses

type KubernetesService interface {
    Get(clusterID string) (*KubernetesCluster, error)
    GetKubeConfig(clusterID string) ([]byte, error)
    GetCredentials(clusterID string) (*KubernetesClusterCredentials, error)
    GetUpgrades(clusterID string) (KubernetesVersions, error)
    List() (KubernetesClusters, error)
    Create(create *godo.KubernetesClusterCreateRequest) (*KubernetesCluster, error)
    Update(clusterID string, update *godo.KubernetesClusterUpdateRequest) (*KubernetesCluster, error)
    Upgrade(clusterID string, versionSlug string) error
    Delete(clusterID string) error

    CreateNodePool(clusterID string, req *godo.KubernetesNodePoolCreateRequest) (*KubernetesNodePool, error)
    GetNodePool(clusterID, poolID string) (*KubernetesNodePool, error)
    ListNodePools(clusterID string) (KubernetesNodePools, error)
    UpdateNodePool(clusterID, poolID string, req *godo.KubernetesNodePoolUpdateRequest) (*KubernetesNodePool, error)
    // RecycleNodePoolNodes is DEPRECATED please use DeleteNode
    RecycleNodePoolNodes(clusterID, poolID string, req *godo.KubernetesNodePoolRecycleNodesRequest) error
    DeleteNodePool(clusterID, poolID string) error
    DeleteNode(clusterID, poolID, nodeID string, req *godo.KubernetesNodeDeleteRequest) error

    GetVersions() (KubernetesVersions, error)
    GetRegions() (KubernetesRegions, error)
    GetNodeSizes() (KubernetesNodeSizes, error)

KubernetesService is the godo KubernetesService interface.

func NewKubernetesService Uses

func NewKubernetesService(client *godo.Client) KubernetesService

NewKubernetesService builds an instance of KubernetesService.

type KubernetesVersion Uses

type KubernetesVersion struct {

KubernetesVersion wraps a godo KubernetesVersion.

type KubernetesVersions Uses

type KubernetesVersions []KubernetesVersion

KubernetesVersions is a slice of KubernetesVersions.

type LoadBalancer Uses

type LoadBalancer struct {

LoadBalancer wraps a godo LoadBalancer.

type LoadBalancers Uses

type LoadBalancers []LoadBalancer

LoadBalancers is a slice of LoadBalancer.

type LoadBalancersService Uses

type LoadBalancersService interface {
    Get(lbID string) (*LoadBalancer, error)
    List() (LoadBalancers, error)
    Create(lbr *godo.LoadBalancerRequest) (*LoadBalancer, error)
    Update(lbID string, lbr *godo.LoadBalancerRequest) (*LoadBalancer, error)
    Delete(lbID string) error
    AddDroplets(lbID string, dIDs error
    RemoveDroplets(lbID string, dIDs error
    AddForwardingRules(lbID string, rules ...godo.ForwardingRule) error
    RemoveForwardingRules(lbID string, rules ...godo.ForwardingRule) error

LoadBalancersService is the godo LoadBalancersService interface.

func NewLoadBalancersService Uses

func NewLoadBalancersService(client *godo.Client) LoadBalancersService

NewLoadBalancersService builds an instance of LoadBalancersService.

type OneClick Uses

type OneClick struct {

OneClick represents the structure of a 1-click

type OneClickService Uses

type OneClickService interface {
    List(string) (OneClicks, error)
    InstallKubernetes(string, []string) (string, error)

OneClickService is the godo OneClickService interface.

func NewOneClickService Uses

func NewOneClickService(client *godo.Client) OneClickService

NewOneClickService builds an instance of OneClickService.

type OneClicks Uses

type OneClicks []OneClick

OneClicks is a set of OneClick structs

type Project Uses

type Project struct {

Project wraps a godo Project.

type ProjectResource Uses

type ProjectResource struct {

ProjectResource wraps a godo ProjectResource

type ProjectResources Uses

type ProjectResources []ProjectResource

ProjectResources is a slice of ProjectResource.

type Projects Uses

type Projects []Project

Projects is a slice of Project.

type ProjectsService Uses

type ProjectsService interface {
    List() (Projects, error)
    GetDefault() (*Project, error)
    Get(projectUUID string) (*Project, error)
    Create(*godo.CreateProjectRequest) (*Project, error)
    Update(projectUUID string, req *godo.UpdateProjectRequest) (*Project, error)
    Delete(projectUUID string) error

    ListResources(projectUUID string) (ProjectResources, error)
    AssignResources(projectUUID string, resources []string) (ProjectResources, error)

ProjectsService is the godo ProjectsService interface.

func NewProjectsService Uses

func NewProjectsService(client *godo.Client) ProjectsService

NewProjectsService builds an instance of ProjectsService.

type RateLimit Uses

type RateLimit struct {

RateLimit is a wrapper for godo.Rate.

type Region Uses

type Region struct {

Region wraps godo Region.

type Regions Uses

type Regions []Region

Regions is a slice of Region.

type RegionsService Uses

type RegionsService interface {
    List() (Regions, error)

RegionsService is the godo RegionsService interface.

func NewRegionsService Uses

func NewRegionsService(client *godo.Client) RegionsService

NewRegionsService builds an instance of RegionsService.

type Registry Uses

type Registry struct {

Registry wraps a godo Registry.

func (*Registry) Endpoint Uses

func (r *Registry) Endpoint() string

Endpoint returns the registry endpoint for image tagging

type RegistryService Uses

type RegistryService interface {
    Get() (*Registry, error)
    Create(*godo.RegistryCreateRequest) (*Registry, error)
    Delete() error
    DockerCredentials(*godo.RegistryDockerCredentialsRequest) (*godo.DockerCredentials, error)
    ListRepositoryTags(string, string) ([]RepositoryTag, error)
    ListRepositories(string) ([]Repository, error)
    DeleteTag(string, string, string) error
    DeleteManifest(string, string, string) error
    Endpoint() string

RegistryService is the godo RegistryService interface.

func NewRegistryService Uses

func NewRegistryService(client *godo.Client) RegistryService

NewRegistryService builds an instance of RegistryService.

type Repository Uses

type Repository struct {

Repository wraps a godo Repository

type RepositoryTag Uses

type RepositoryTag struct {

RepositoryTag wraps a godo RepositoryTag

type SSHKey Uses

type SSHKey struct {

SSHKey wraps godo Key.

type SSHKeys Uses

type SSHKeys []SSHKey

SSHKeys is a slice of SSHKey

type Size Uses

type Size struct {

Size wraps godo Size.

type Sizes Uses

type Sizes []Size

Sizes is a slice of Size.

type SizesService Uses

type SizesService interface {
    List() (Sizes, error)

SizesService is the godo SizesService interface.

func NewSizesService Uses

func NewSizesService(client *godo.Client) SizesService

NewSizesService builds an instance of SizesService.

type Snapshot Uses

type Snapshot struct {

Snapshot is a wrapper for godo.Snapshot

type Snapshots Uses

type Snapshots []Snapshot

Snapshots is a slice of Snapshot.

type SnapshotsService Uses

type SnapshotsService interface {
    List() (Snapshots, error)
    ListVolume() (Snapshots, error)
    ListDroplet() (Snapshots, error)
    Get(string) (*Snapshot, error)
    Delete(string) error

SnapshotsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's snapshot api.

func NewSnapshotsService Uses

func NewSnapshotsService(client *godo.Client) SnapshotsService

NewSnapshotsService builds a SnapshotsService instance.

type Tag Uses

type Tag struct {

Tag is a wrapper for godo.Tag

type Tags Uses

type Tags []Tag

Tags is a slice of Tag.

type TagsService Uses

type TagsService interface {
    List() (Tags, error)
    Get(string) (*Tag, error)
    Create(*godo.TagCreateRequest) (*Tag, error)
    Delete(string) error
    TagResources(string, *godo.TagResourcesRequest) error
    UntagResources(string, *godo.UntagResourcesRequest) error

TagsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's tags api.

func NewTagsService Uses

func NewTagsService(godoClient *godo.Client) TagsService

NewTagsService builds a TagsService instance.

type VPC Uses

type VPC struct {

VPC wraps a godo VPC.

type VPCs Uses

type VPCs []VPC

VPCs is a slice of VPC.

type VPCsService Uses

type VPCsService interface {
    Get(vpcUUID string) (*VPC, error)
    List() (VPCs, error)
    Create(vpcr *godo.VPCCreateRequest) (*VPC, error)
    Update(vpcUUID string, vpcr *godo.VPCUpdateRequest) (*VPC, error)
    Delete(vpcUUID string) error

VPCsService is the godo VPCsService interface.

func NewVPCsService Uses

func NewVPCsService(client *godo.Client) VPCsService

NewVPCsService builds an instance of VPCsService.

type Volume Uses

type Volume struct {

Volume is a wrapper for godo.Volume.

type VolumeActionsService Uses

type VolumeActionsService interface {
    Attach(string, int) (*Action, error)
    Detach(string, int) (*Action, error)
    Get(string, int) (*Action, error)
    List(string, *godo.ListOptions) ([]Action, error)
    Resize(string, int, string) (*Action, error)

VolumeActionsService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's volume-action api.

func NewVolumeActionsService Uses

func NewVolumeActionsService(godoClient *godo.Client) VolumeActionsService

NewVolumeActionsService builds an VolumeActionsService instance.

type VolumesService Uses

type VolumesService interface {
    List() ([]Volume, error)
    CreateVolume(*godo.VolumeCreateRequest) (*Volume, error)
    DeleteVolume(string) error
    Get(string) (*Volume, error)
    CreateSnapshot(*godo.SnapshotCreateRequest) (*Snapshot, error)
    GetSnapshot(string) (*Snapshot, error)
    DeleteSnapshot(string) error
    ListSnapshots(string, *godo.ListOptions) ([]Snapshot, error)

VolumesService is an interface for interacting with DigitalOcean's volume api.

func NewVolumesService Uses

func NewVolumesService(godoClient *godo.Client) VolumesService

NewVolumesService builds an NewVolumesService instance.


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