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package provision

import ""

Package provision or Digital Rebar Provision is a provisioning binary that provides a DHCP server and Provisioner system that allows for simply booting and installing bare metal.


Package Files

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var BuildStamp = "Not Set"

BuildStamp is the time the build occurred.

var GitHash = "NotSet"

GitHash is the injected GIT Hash for the current commit for this built program.

var RSExtra = "-pre-alpha"

RSExtra is a mostly free form field that must start with a dash, but an be anything else.

var RSMajorVersion = "3"

RSMajorVersion is the first number of SemVer

var RSMinorVersion = "10"

RSMinorVersion is the second number of SemVer

var RSPatchVersion = "1000"

RSPatchVersion is the third number of SemVer

var RSPrePart = "v"

RSPrePart is 'v' place holder

var RSVersion = RSPrePart + RSMajorVersion + "." + RSMinorVersion + "." + RSPatchVersion + RSExtra + "-" + GitHash

RSVersion is the aggregated SemVer String


apiPackage api implements a client API for working with digitalrebar/provision.
backendbackend contains the backend code for DigitalRebar Provision.
cliDigitalRebar Provision CLI provides the core parts of the CLI.
embeddedEmbedded is the package where we hold all our embedded assets.
frontendFrontend contains the frontend code for DigitalRebar Provision.
midlayermidlayer contains the DHCP server code for DigitalRebar Provision.
serverPackage server DigitalRebar Provision Server
toolsgocovmerge takes the results from multiple `go test -coverprofile` runs and merges them into one profile

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