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package cli

import ""

DigitalRebar Provision CLI provides the core parts of the CLI. This CLI uses an access core based upon a set of generated files from the generated swagger.json file.


Package Files

actionHelper.go agent.go appleNBI.go bootenv.go bootenvHelper.go catalog.go catalog_items.go certs.go commandHelper.go common.go contents.go contexts.go debug.go doc.go endpoints.go events.go extended.go files.go gohai_linux.go info.go inspect.go interfaces.go isos.go jobs.go lease.go logs.go machines.go metaHelper.go netwrangle.go new_common.go objects.go paramHelper.go params.go plugin_providers.go plugins.go pools.go prefs.go process_jobs.go profileHelper.go profiles.go reservation.go roles.go stages.go startup.go subnet.go system.go taskHelper.go tasks.go template.go tenant.go user.go utils.go version_sets.go workflows.go


var (
    // ActuallyPowerThings is a boolean to use in testing to keep from power off the test machine
    ActuallyPowerThings = true
    // DefaultStateLoc is the default location to save agent state
    DefaultStateLoc string
var (

    // Session is the global client access session
    Session *api.Client

func NewApp Uses

func NewApp() *cobra.Command

NewApp is the app start function

func NewBasicKeyRequest Uses

func NewBasicKeyRequest() *basicKeyReq

NewBasicKeyRequest returns a default BasicKeyRequest.

func PatchWithFunction Uses

func PatchWithFunction(key string, op *ops, fn func(models.Model) (models.Model, bool)) error

The input function takes the object and returns the modified object and if the object changed.

func PatchWithString Uses

func PatchWithString(key, js string, op *ops) error

type DocData Uses

type DocData struct {
    Name          string
    RefName       string
    DisplayName   string
    Full          string
    Version       string
    Documentation string
    Objects       [][]models.Docer

func (*DocData) LengthString Uses

func (dd *DocData) LengthString(str, pat string) string

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