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package server

import ""

Package server DigitalRebar Provision Server

An RestFUL API-driven Provisioner and DHCP server

Terms Of Service:

There are no TOS at this moment, use at your own risk we take no responsibility

Schemes: https
BasePath: /api/v3
Version: 0.1.0
License: APL
Contact: Greg Althaus<>

  - basicAuth: []
  - Bearer: []

- application/json

- application/json



Package Files

cert.go localOnly.go server.go watcher.go


var EmbeddedAssetsExtractFunc func(string, string) error

EmbeddedAssetsExtractFunc is a function pointer that can set at initialization time to enable the exploding of data. This is used to avoid having to have a fully generated binary for testing purposes.

func Server Uses

func Server(cOpts *ProgOpts)

Server takes the start up options and runs a DRP server. This function will not return unless an error or shutdown signal is received.

type ProgOpts Uses

type ProgOpts struct {
    VersionFlag         bool   `long:"version" description:"Print Version and exit"`
    DisableTftpServer   bool   `long:"disable-tftp" description:"Disable TFTP server" env:"RS_DISABLE_TFTP_SERVER"`
    DisableProvisioner  bool   `long:"disable-provisioner" description:"Disable provisioner" env:"RS_DISABLE_PROVISIONER"`
    DisableDHCP         bool   `long:"disable-dhcp" description:"Disable DHCP server" env:"RS_DISABLE_DHCP"`
    DisableBINL         bool   `long:"disable-pxe" description:"Disable PXE/BINL server" env:"RS_DISABLE_BINL"`
    MetricsPort         int    `long:"metrics-port" description:"Port the metrics HTTP server should listen on" default:"8080" env:"RS_METRICS_PORT"`
    StaticPort          int    `long:"static-port" description:"Port the static HTTP file server should listen on" default:"8091" env:"RS_STATIC_PORT"`
    TftpPort            int    `long:"tftp-port" description:"Port for the TFTP server to listen on" default:"69" env:"RS_TFTP_PORT"`
    APIPort             int    `long:"api-port" description:"Port for the API server to listen on" default:"8092" env:"RS_API_PORT"`
    DhcpPort            int    `long:"dhcp-port" description:"Port for the DHCP server to listen on" default:"67" env:"RS_DHCP_PORT"`
    BinlPort            int    `long:"binl-port" description:"Port for the PXE/BINL server to listen on" default:"4011" env:"RS_BINL_PORT"`
    UnknownTokenTimeout int    `long:"unknown-token-timeout" description:"The default timeout in seconds for the machine create authorization token" default:"600" env:"RS_UNKNOWN_TOKEN_TIMEOUT"`
    KnownTokenTimeout   int    `long:"known-token-timeout" description:"The default timeout in seconds for the machine update authorization token" default:"3600" env:"RS_KNOWN_TOKEN_TIMEOUT"`
    OurAddress          string `long:"static-ip" description:"IP address to advertise for the static HTTP file server" default:"" env:"RS_STATIC_IP"`
    ForceStatic         bool   `long:"force-static" description:"Force the system to always use the static IP." env:"RS_FORCE_STATIC"`

    BackEndType    string `long:"backend" description:"Storage to use for persistent data. Can be either 'consul', 'directory', or a store URI" default:"directory" env:"RS_BACKEND_TYPE"`
    SecretsType    string `long:"secrets" description:"Storage to use for persistent data. Can be either 'consul', 'directory', or a store URI.  Will default to being the same as 'backend'" default:"" env:"RS_SECRETS_TYPE"`
    LocalContent   string `long:"local-content" description:"Storage to use for local overrides." default:"directory:///etc/dr-provision?codec=yaml" env:"RS_LOCAL_CONTENT"`
    DefaultContent string `long:"default-content" description:"Store URL for local content" default:"file:///usr/share/dr-provision/default.yaml?codec=yaml" env:"RS_DEFAULT_CONTENT"`

    BaseRoot        string `long:"base-root" description:"Base directory for other root dirs." default:"/var/lib/dr-provision" env:"RS_BASE_ROOT"`
    DataRoot        string `long:"data-root" description:"Location we should store runtime information in" default:"digitalrebar" env:"RS_DATA_ROOT"`
    SecretsRoot     string `long:"secrets-root" description:"Location we should store encrypted parameter private keys in" default:"secrets" env:"RS_SECRETS_ROOT"`
    PluginRoot      string `long:"plugin-root" description:"Directory for plugins" default:"plugins" env:"RS_PLUGIN_ROOT"`
    PluginCommRoot  string `long:"plugin-comm-root" description:"Directory for the communications for plugins" default:"/var/run" env:"RS_PLUGIN_COMM_ROOT"`
    LogRoot         string `long:"log-root" description:"Directory for job logs" default:"job-logs" env:"RS_LOG_ROOT"`
    SaasContentRoot string `long:"saas-content-root" description:"Directory for additional content" default:"saas-content" env:"RS_SAAS_CONTENT_ROOT"`
    FileRoot        string `long:"file-root" description:"Root of filesystem we should manage" default:"tftpboot" env:"RS_FILE_ROOT"`
    ReplaceRoot     string `long:"replace-root" description:"Root of filesystem we should use to replace embedded assets" default:"replace" env:"RS_REPLACE_ROOT"`

    LocalUI        string `long:"local-ui" description:"Root of Local UI Pages" default:"ux" env:"RS_LOCAL_UI"`
    UIUrl          string `long:"ui-url" description:"URL to redirect to UI" default:"" env:"RS_UI_URL"`
    DhcpInterfaces string `long:"dhcp-ifs" description:"Comma-separated list of interfaces to listen for DHCP packets" default:"" env:"RS_DHCP_INTERFACES"`
    DefaultStage   string `long:"default-stage" description:"The default stage for the nodes" default:"none" env:"RS_DEFAULT_STAGE"`
    DefaultBootEnv string `long:"default-boot-env" description:"The default bootenv for the nodes" default:"local" env:"RS_DEFAULT_BOOTENV"`
    UnknownBootEnv string `long:"unknown-boot-env" description:"The unknown bootenv for the system.  Should be \"ignore\" or \"discovery\"" default:"ignore" env:"RS_UNKNOWN_BOOTENV"`

    DebugBootEnv  string `long:"debug-bootenv" description:"Debug level for the BootEnv System" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEBUG_BOOTENV"`
    DebugDhcp     string `long:"debug-dhcp" description:"Debug level for the DHCP Server" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEBUG_DHCP"`
    DebugRenderer string `long:"debug-renderer" description:"Debug level for the Template Renderer" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEBUG_RENDERER"`
    DebugFrontend string `long:"debug-frontend" description:"Debug level for the Frontend" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEBUG_FRONTEND"`
    DebugPlugins  string `long:"debug-plugins" description:"Debug level for the Plug-in layer" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEBUG_PLUGINS"`
    TLSKeyFile    string `long:"tls-key" description:"The TLS Key File" default:"server.key" env:"RS_TLS_KEY_FILE"`
    TLSCertFile   string `long:"tls-cert" description:"The TLS Cert File" default:"server.crt" env:"RS_TLS_CERT_FILE"`
    UseOldCiphers bool   `long:"use-old-ciphers" description:"Use Original Less Secure Cipher List" env:"RS_USE_OLD_CIPHERS"`
    DrpID         string `long:"drp-id" description:"The id of this Digital Rebar Provision instance" default:"" env:"RS_DRP_ID"`
    HaID          string `long:"ha-id" description:"The id of this Digital Rebar Provision HA Cluster" default:"" env:"RS_HA_ID"`
    CurveOrBits   string `long:"cert-type" description:"Type of cert to generate. values are: P224, P256, P384, P521, RSA, or <number of RSA bits>" default:"P384" env:"RS_CURVE_OR_BITS"`

    BaseTokenSecret     string `long:"base-token-secret" description:"Auth Token secret to allow revocation of all tokens" default:"" env:"RS_BASE_TOKEN_SECRET"`
    SystemGrantorSecret string `long:"system-grantor-secret" description:"Auth Token secret to allow revocation of all Machine tokens" default:"" env:"RS_SYSTEM_GRANTOR_SECRET"`
    FakePinger          bool   `hidden:"true" long:"fake-pinger" env:"RS_FAKE_PINGER"`
    NoWatcher           bool   `hidden:"true" long:"no-watcher" env:"RS_NO_WATCHER"`
    DefaultLogLevel     string `long:"log-level" description:"Level to log messages at" default:"warn" env:"RS_DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL"`

    HaEnabled   bool   `long:"ha-enabled" description:"Enable HA" env:"RS_HA_ENABLED"`
    HaAddress   string `long:"ha-address" description:"IP address to advertise as our HA address" default:"" env:"RS_HA_ADDRESS"`
    HaInterface string `long:"ha-interface" description:"Interface to put the VIP on for HA" default:"" env:"RS_HA_INTERFACE"`
    HaPassive   bool   `long:"ha-passive" description:"Wait for SIGUSR1 to switch to the active dr-provision" env:"RS_HA_PASSIVE"`

    PromGwURL      string `long:"prometheus-gateway-url" description:"URL to push metrics to" default:"" env:"RS_PROM_GW_URL"`
    PromInterval   int    `long:"prometheus-interval" description:"Duration in seconds to push metrics" default:"5" env:"RS_PROM_INTERVAL"`
    CleanupCorrupt bool   `long:"cleanup" description:"Clean up corrupted writable data.  Only use when directed." env:"RS_CLEANUP_CORRUPT"`

ProgOpts defines the DRP server command line options.

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