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package build

import ""


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backend.go build.go build_routes.go

func BuilderVersion Uses

func BuilderVersion(features map[string]bool) types.BuilderVersion

BuilderVersion derives the default docker builder version from the config Note: it is valid to have BuilderVersion unset which means it is up to the client to choose which builder to use.

func NewRouter Uses

func NewRouter(b Backend, d experimentalProvider, features *map[string]bool) router.Router

NewRouter initializes a new build router

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    // Build a Docker image returning the id of the image
    // TODO: make this return a reference instead of string
    Build(context.Context, backend.BuildConfig) (string, error)

    // Prune build cache
    PruneCache(context.Context, types.BuildCachePruneOptions) (*types.BuildCachePruneReport, error)

    Cancel(context.Context, string) error

Backend abstracts an image builder whose only purpose is to build an image referenced by an imageID.

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