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package system

import ""


Package Files

backend.go system.go system_routes.go

func NewRouter Uses

func NewRouter(b Backend, c ClusterBackend, builder *buildkit.Builder, features *map[string]bool) router.Router

NewRouter initializes a new system router

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    SystemInfo() *types.Info
    SystemVersion() types.Version
    SystemDiskUsage(ctx context.Context) (*types.DiskUsage, error)
    SubscribeToEvents(since, until time.Time, ef filters.Args) ([]events.Message, chan interface{})
    UnsubscribeFromEvents(chan interface{})
    AuthenticateToRegistry(ctx context.Context, authConfig *types.AuthConfig) (string, string, error)

Backend is the methods that need to be implemented to provide system specific functionality.

type ClusterBackend Uses

type ClusterBackend interface {
    Info() swarm.Info

ClusterBackend is all the methods that need to be implemented to provide cluster system specific functionality.

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