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package backend

import ""

Package backend includes types to send information to server backends.


Package Files

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type BuildConfig Uses

type BuildConfig struct {
    Source         io.ReadCloser
    ProgressWriter ProgressWriter
    Options        *types.ImageBuildOptions

BuildConfig is the configuration used by a BuildManager to start a build

type CommitConfig Uses

type CommitConfig struct {
    Author              string
    Comment             string
    Config              *container.Config
    ContainerConfig     *container.Config
    ContainerID         string
    ContainerMountLabel string
    ContainerOS         string
    ParentImageID       string

CommitConfig is the configuration for creating an image as part of a build.

type ContainerAttachConfig Uses

type ContainerAttachConfig struct {
    GetStreams func() (io.ReadCloser, io.Writer, io.Writer, error)
    UseStdin   bool
    UseStdout  bool
    UseStderr  bool
    Logs       bool
    Stream     bool
    DetachKeys string

    // Used to signify that streams are multiplexed and therefore need a StdWriter to encode stdout/stderr messages accordingly.
    // TODO @cpuguy83: This shouldn't be needed. It was only added so that http and websocket endpoints can use the same function, and the websocket function was not using a stdwriter prior to this change...
    // HOWEVER, the websocket endpoint is using a single stream and SHOULD be encoded with stdout/stderr as is done for HTTP since it is still just a single stream.
    // Since such a change is an API change unrelated to the current changeset we'll keep it as is here and change separately.
    MuxStreams bool

ContainerAttachConfig holds the streams to use when connecting to a container to view logs.

type ContainerStatsConfig Uses

type ContainerStatsConfig struct {
    Stream    bool
    OneShot   bool
    OutStream io.Writer
    Version   string

ContainerStatsConfig holds information for configuring the runtime behavior of a backend.ContainerStats() call.

type CreateImageConfig Uses

type CreateImageConfig struct {
    Repo    string
    Tag     string
    Pause   bool
    Author  string
    Comment string
    Config  *container.Config
    Changes []string

CreateImageConfig is the configuration for creating an image from a container.

type ExecInspect Uses

type ExecInspect struct {
    ID            string
    Running       bool
    ExitCode      *int
    ProcessConfig *ExecProcessConfig
    OpenStdin     bool
    OpenStderr    bool
    OpenStdout    bool
    CanRemove     bool
    ContainerID   string
    DetachKeys    []byte
    Pid           int

ExecInspect holds information about a running process started with docker exec.

type ExecProcessConfig Uses

type ExecProcessConfig struct {
    Tty        bool     `json:"tty"`
    Entrypoint string   `json:"entrypoint"`
    Arguments  []string `json:"arguments"`
    Privileged *bool    `json:"privileged,omitempty"`
    User       string   `json:"user,omitempty"`

ExecProcessConfig holds information about the exec process running on the host.

type GetImageAndLayerOptions Uses

type GetImageAndLayerOptions struct {
    PullOption PullOption
    AuthConfig map[string]types.AuthConfig
    Output     io.Writer
    Platform   *specs.Platform

GetImageAndLayerOptions are the options supported by GetImageAndReleasableLayer

type LogAttr Uses

type LogAttr struct {
    Key   string
    Value string

LogAttr is used to hold the extra attributes available in the log message.

type LogMessage Uses

type LogMessage struct {
    Line         []byte
    Source       string
    Timestamp    time.Time
    Attrs        []LogAttr
    PLogMetaData *PartialLogMetaData

    // Err is an error associated with a message. Completeness of a message
    // with Err is not expected, tho it may be partially complete (fields may
    // be missing, gibberish, or nil)
    Err error

LogMessage is datastructure that represents piece of output produced by some container. The Line member is a slice of an array whose contents can be changed after a log driver's Log() method returns. changes to this struct need to be reflect in the reset method in daemon/logger/logger.go

type LogSelector Uses

type LogSelector struct {
    Services []string
    Tasks    []string

LogSelector is a list of services and tasks that should be returned as part of a log stream. It is similar to swarmapi.LogSelector, with the difference that the names don't have to be resolved to IDs; this is mostly to avoid accidents later where a swarmapi LogSelector might have been incorrectly used verbatim (and to avoid the handler having to import swarmapi types)

type PartialLogMetaData Uses

type PartialLogMetaData struct {
    Last    bool   // true if this message is last of a partial
    ID      string // identifies group of messages comprising a single record
    Ordinal int    // ordering of message in partial group

PartialLogMetaData provides meta data for a partial log message. Messages exceeding a predefined size are split into chunks with this metadata. The expectation is for the logger endpoints to assemble the chunks using this metadata.

type ProgressWriter Uses

type ProgressWriter struct {
    Output             io.Writer
    StdoutFormatter    io.Writer
    StderrFormatter    io.Writer
    AuxFormatter       *streamformatter.AuxFormatter
    ProgressReaderFunc func(io.ReadCloser) io.ReadCloser

ProgressWriter is a data object to transport progress streams to the client

type PullOption Uses

type PullOption int

PullOption defines different modes for accessing images

const (
    // PullOptionNoPull only returns local images
    PullOptionNoPull PullOption = iota
    // PullOptionForcePull always tries to pull a ref from the registry first
    // PullOptionPreferLocal uses local image if it exists, otherwise pulls

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