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package network

import ""


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func ValidateFilters Uses

func ValidateFilters(filter filters.Args) error

ValidateFilters validates the list of filter args with the available filters.

type Address Uses

type Address struct {
    Addr      string
    PrefixLen int

Address represents an IP address

type ConfigReference Uses

type ConfigReference struct {
    Network string

ConfigReference specifies the source which provides a network's configuration

type EndpointIPAMConfig Uses

type EndpointIPAMConfig struct {
    IPv4Address  string   `json:",omitempty"`
    IPv6Address  string   `json:",omitempty"`
    LinkLocalIPs []string `json:",omitempty"`

EndpointIPAMConfig represents IPAM configurations for the endpoint

func (*EndpointIPAMConfig) Copy Uses

func (cfg *EndpointIPAMConfig) Copy() *EndpointIPAMConfig

Copy makes a copy of the endpoint ipam config

type EndpointSettings Uses

type EndpointSettings struct {
    // Configurations
    IPAMConfig *EndpointIPAMConfig
    Links      []string
    Aliases    []string
    // Operational data
    NetworkID           string
    EndpointID          string
    Gateway             string
    IPAddress           string
    IPPrefixLen         int
    IPv6Gateway         string
    GlobalIPv6Address   string
    GlobalIPv6PrefixLen int
    MacAddress          string
    DriverOpts          map[string]string

EndpointSettings stores the network endpoint details

func (*EndpointSettings) Copy Uses

func (es *EndpointSettings) Copy() *EndpointSettings

Copy makes a deep copy of `EndpointSettings`

type IPAM Uses

type IPAM struct {
    Driver  string
    Options map[string]string // Per network IPAM driver options
    Config  []IPAMConfig

IPAM represents IP Address Management

type IPAMConfig Uses

type IPAMConfig struct {
    Subnet     string            `json:",omitempty"`
    IPRange    string            `json:",omitempty"`
    Gateway    string            `json:",omitempty"`
    AuxAddress map[string]string `json:"AuxiliaryAddresses,omitempty"`

IPAMConfig represents IPAM configurations

type NetworkingConfig Uses

type NetworkingConfig struct {
    EndpointsConfig map[string]*EndpointSettings // Endpoint configs for each connecting network

NetworkingConfig represents the container's networking configuration for each of its interfaces Carries the networking configs specified in the `docker run` and `docker network connect` commands

type PeerInfo Uses

type PeerInfo struct {
    Name string
    IP   string

PeerInfo represents one peer of an overlay network

type ServiceInfo Uses

type ServiceInfo struct {
    VIP          string
    Ports        []string
    LocalLBIndex int
    Tasks        []Task

ServiceInfo represents service parameters with the list of service's tasks

type Task Uses

type Task struct {
    Name       string
    EndpointID string
    EndpointIP string
    Info       map[string]string

Task carries the information about one backend task

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