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package registry

import ""


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authenticate.go registry.go

type AuthenticateOKBody Uses

type AuthenticateOKBody struct {

    // An opaque token used to authenticate a user after a successful login
    // Required: true
    IdentityToken string `json:"IdentityToken"`

    // The status of the authentication
    // Required: true
    Status string `json:"Status"`

AuthenticateOKBody authenticate o k body swagger:model AuthenticateOKBody

type DistributionInspect Uses

type DistributionInspect struct {
    // Descriptor contains information about the manifest, including
    // the content addressable digest
    Descriptor v1.Descriptor
    // Platforms contains the list of platforms supported by the image,
    // obtained by parsing the manifest
    Platforms []v1.Platform

DistributionInspect describes the result obtained from contacting the registry to retrieve image metadata

type IndexInfo Uses

type IndexInfo struct {
    // Name is the name of the registry, such as ""
    Name string
    // Mirrors is a list of mirrors, expressed as URIs
    Mirrors []string
    // Secure is set to false if the registry is part of the list of
    // insecure registries. Insecure registries accept HTTP and/or accept
    // HTTPS with certificates from unknown CAs.
    Secure bool
    // Official indicates whether this is an official registry
    Official bool

IndexInfo contains information about a registry

RepositoryInfo Examples: {

"Index" : {
  "Name" : "",
  "Mirrors" : ["", ""],
  "Secure" : true,
  "Official" : true,
"RemoteName" : "library/debian",
"LocalName" : "debian",
"CanonicalName" : ""
"Official" : true,



"Index" : {
  "Name" : "",
  "Mirrors" : [],
  "Secure" : false,
  "Official" : false,
"RemoteName" : "user/repo",
"LocalName" : "",
"CanonicalName" : "",
"Official" : false,


type NetIPNet Uses

type NetIPNet net.IPNet

NetIPNet is the net.IPNet type, which can be marshalled and unmarshalled to JSON

func (*NetIPNet) MarshalJSON Uses

func (ipnet *NetIPNet) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON returns the JSON representation of the IPNet

func (*NetIPNet) String Uses

func (ipnet *NetIPNet) String() string

String returns the CIDR notation of ipnet

func (*NetIPNet) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (ipnet *NetIPNet) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) (err error)

UnmarshalJSON sets the IPNet from a byte array of JSON

type SearchResult Uses

type SearchResult struct {
    // StarCount indicates the number of stars this repository has
    StarCount int `json:"star_count"`
    // IsOfficial is true if the result is from an official repository.
    IsOfficial bool `json:"is_official"`
    // Name is the name of the repository
    Name string `json:"name"`
    // IsAutomated indicates whether the result is automated
    IsAutomated bool `json:"is_automated"`
    // Description is a textual description of the repository
    Description string `json:"description"`

SearchResult describes a search result returned from a registry

type SearchResults Uses

type SearchResults struct {
    // Query contains the query string that generated the search results
    Query string `json:"query"`
    // NumResults indicates the number of results the query returned
    NumResults int `json:"num_results"`
    // Results is a slice containing the actual results for the search
    Results []SearchResult `json:"results"`

SearchResults lists a collection search results returned from a registry

type ServiceConfig Uses

type ServiceConfig struct {
    AllowNondistributableArtifactsCIDRs     []*NetIPNet
    AllowNondistributableArtifactsHostnames []string
    InsecureRegistryCIDRs                   []*NetIPNet           `json:"InsecureRegistryCIDRs"`
    IndexConfigs                            map[string]*IndexInfo `json:"IndexConfigs"`
    Mirrors                                 []string

ServiceConfig stores daemon registry services configuration.

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