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package v1p20

import ""

Package v1p20 provides specific API types for the API version 1, patch 20.


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type ContainerConfig Uses

type ContainerConfig struct {

    MacAddress      string
    NetworkDisabled bool
    ExposedPorts    map[nat.Port]struct{}

    // backward compatibility, they now live in HostConfig
    VolumeDriver string

ContainerConfig is a backcompatibility struct used in ContainerJSON for the API 1.20

type ContainerJSON Uses

type ContainerJSON struct {
    Mounts          []types.MountPoint
    Config          *ContainerConfig
    NetworkSettings *NetworkSettings

ContainerJSON is a backcompatibility struct for the API 1.20

type NetworkSettings Uses

type NetworkSettings struct {

NetworkSettings is a backward compatible struct for APIs prior to 1.21

type StatsJSON Uses

type StatsJSON struct {
    Network types.NetworkStats `json:"network,omitempty"`

StatsJSON is a backcompatibility struct used in Stats for APIs prior to 1.21

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