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package containerimage

import ""


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type Source Uses

type Source struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Source is the source implementation for accessing container images

func NewSource Uses

func NewSource(opt SourceOpt) (*Source, error)

NewSource creates a new image source

func (*Source) ID Uses

func (is *Source) ID() string

ID returns image scheme identifier

func (*Source) Resolve Uses

func (is *Source) Resolve(ctx context.Context, id source.Identifier, sm *session.Manager, vtx solver.Vertex) (source.SourceInstance, error)

Resolve returns access to pulling for an identifier

func (*Source) ResolveImageConfig Uses

func (is *Source) ResolveImageConfig(ctx context.Context, ref string, opt llb.ResolveImageConfigOpt, sm *session.Manager, g session.Group) (digest.Digest, []byte, error)

ResolveImageConfig returns image config for an image

type SourceOpt Uses

type SourceOpt struct {
    ContentStore    content.Store
    CacheAccessor   cache.Accessor
    ReferenceStore  reference.Store
    DownloadManager distribution.RootFSDownloadManager
    MetadataStore   metadata.V2MetadataService
    ImageStore      image.Store
    RegistryHosts   docker.RegistryHosts
    LayerStore      layer.Store

SourceOpt is options for creating the image source

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