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package convert

import ""


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config.go container.go network.go node.go secret.go service.go swarm.go task.go


var (
    // ErrUnsupportedRuntime returns an error if the runtime is not supported by the daemon
    ErrUnsupportedRuntime = errors.New("unsupported runtime")
    // ErrMismatchedRuntime returns an error if the runtime does not match the provided spec
    ErrMismatchedRuntime = errors.New("mismatched Runtime and *Spec fields")

func BasicNetworkCreateToGRPC Uses

func BasicNetworkCreateToGRPC(create basictypes.NetworkCreateRequest) swarmapi.NetworkSpec

BasicNetworkCreateToGRPC converts a NetworkCreateRequest to a grpc NetworkSpec.

func BasicNetworkFromGRPC Uses

func BasicNetworkFromGRPC(n swarmapi.Network) basictypes.NetworkResource

BasicNetworkFromGRPC converts a grpc Network to a NetworkResource.

func ConfigFromGRPC Uses

func ConfigFromGRPC(s *swarmapi.Config) swarmtypes.Config

ConfigFromGRPC converts a grpc Config to a Config.

func ConfigReferencesFromGRPC Uses

func ConfigReferencesFromGRPC(s []*swarmapi.ConfigReference) []*swarmtypes.ConfigReference

ConfigReferencesFromGRPC converts a slice of grpc ConfigReference to ConfigReference

func ConfigSpecToGRPC Uses

func ConfigSpecToGRPC(s swarmtypes.ConfigSpec) swarmapi.ConfigSpec

ConfigSpecToGRPC converts Config to a grpc Config.

func GenericResourcesFromGRPC Uses

func GenericResourcesFromGRPC(genericRes []*swarmapi.GenericResource) []types.GenericResource

GenericResourcesFromGRPC converts a GRPC GenericResource to a GenericResource

func GenericResourcesToGRPC Uses

func GenericResourcesToGRPC(genericRes []types.GenericResource) []*swarmapi.GenericResource

GenericResourcesToGRPC converts a GenericResource to a GRPC GenericResource

func IsIngressNetwork Uses

func IsIngressNetwork(n *swarmapi.Network) bool

IsIngressNetwork check if the swarm network is an ingress network

func IsolationFromGRPC Uses

func IsolationFromGRPC(i swarmapi.ContainerSpec_Isolation) container.Isolation

IsolationFromGRPC converts a swarm api container isolation to a moby isolation representation

func MergeSwarmSpecToGRPC Uses

func MergeSwarmSpecToGRPC(s types.Spec, spec swarmapi.ClusterSpec) (swarmapi.ClusterSpec, error)

MergeSwarmSpecToGRPC merges a Spec with an initial grpc ClusterSpec

func NodeFromGRPC Uses

func NodeFromGRPC(n swarmapi.Node) types.Node

NodeFromGRPC converts a grpc Node to a Node.

func NodeSpecToGRPC Uses

func NodeSpecToGRPC(s types.NodeSpec) (swarmapi.NodeSpec, error)

NodeSpecToGRPC converts a NodeSpec to a grpc NodeSpec.

func SecretFromGRPC Uses

func SecretFromGRPC(s *swarmapi.Secret) swarmtypes.Secret

SecretFromGRPC converts a grpc Secret to a Secret.

func SecretReferencesFromGRPC Uses

func SecretReferencesFromGRPC(s []*swarmapi.SecretReference) []*swarmtypes.SecretReference

SecretReferencesFromGRPC converts a slice of grpc SecretReference to SecretReference

func SecretSpecToGRPC Uses

func SecretSpecToGRPC(s swarmtypes.SecretSpec) swarmapi.SecretSpec

SecretSpecToGRPC converts Secret to a grpc Secret.

func ServiceFromGRPC Uses

func ServiceFromGRPC(s swarmapi.Service) (types.Service, error)

ServiceFromGRPC converts a grpc Service to a Service.

func ServiceSpecToGRPC Uses

func ServiceSpecToGRPC(s types.ServiceSpec) (swarmapi.ServiceSpec, error)

ServiceSpecToGRPC converts a ServiceSpec to a grpc ServiceSpec.

func SwarmFromGRPC Uses

func SwarmFromGRPC(c swarmapi.Cluster) types.Swarm

SwarmFromGRPC converts a grpc Cluster to a Swarm.

func SwarmSpecToGRPC Uses

func SwarmSpecToGRPC(s types.Spec) (swarmapi.ClusterSpec, error)

SwarmSpecToGRPC converts a Spec to a grpc ClusterSpec.

func TaskFromGRPC Uses

func TaskFromGRPC(t swarmapi.Task) (types.Task, error)

TaskFromGRPC converts a grpc Task to a Task.

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