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package container

import ""


Package Files

adapter.go attachment.go container.go controller.go errors.go executor.go validate.go


var (
    // ErrImageRequired returned if a task is missing the image definition.
    ErrImageRequired = errors.New("dockerexec: image required")

    // ErrContainerDestroyed returned when a container is prematurely destroyed
    // during a wait call.
    ErrContainerDestroyed = errors.New("dockerexec: container destroyed")

    // ErrContainerUnhealthy returned if controller detects the health check failure
    ErrContainerUnhealthy = errors.New("dockerexec: unhealthy container")

func NewExecutor Uses

func NewExecutor(b executorpkg.Backend, p plugin.Backend, i executorpkg.ImageBackend, v executorpkg.VolumeBackend) exec.Executor

NewExecutor returns an executor from the docker client.

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