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package aufs

import ""


Package Files

aufs.go dirs.go mount.go


var (
    // ErrAufsNotSupported is returned if aufs is not supported by the host.
    ErrAufsNotSupported = fmt.Errorf("AUFS was not found in /proc/filesystems")
    // ErrAufsNested means aufs cannot be used bc we are in a user namespace
    ErrAufsNested = fmt.Errorf("AUFS cannot be used in non-init user namespace")

func Init Uses

func Init(root string, options []string, uidMaps, gidMaps []idtools.IDMap) (graphdriver.Driver, error)

Init returns a new AUFS driver. An error is returned if AUFS is not supported.

func Unmount Uses

func Unmount(target string) error

Unmount the target specified.

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver contains information about the filesystem mounted.

func (*Driver) ApplyDiff Uses

func (a *Driver) ApplyDiff(id, parent string, diff io.Reader) (size int64, err error)

ApplyDiff extracts the changeset from the given diff into the layer with the specified id and parent, returning the size of the new layer in bytes.

func (*Driver) Changes Uses

func (a *Driver) Changes(id, parent string) ([]archive.Change, error)

Changes produces a list of changes between the specified layer and its parent layer. If parent is "", then all changes will be ADD changes.

func (*Driver) Cleanup Uses

func (a *Driver) Cleanup() error

Cleanup aufs and unmount all mountpoints

func (*Driver) Create Uses

func (a *Driver) Create(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

Create three folders for each id mnt, layers, and diff

func (*Driver) CreateReadWrite Uses

func (a *Driver) CreateReadWrite(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

CreateReadWrite creates a layer that is writable for use as a container file system.

func (*Driver) Diff Uses

func (a *Driver) Diff(id, parent string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

Diff produces an archive of the changes between the specified layer and its parent layer which may be "".

func (*Driver) DiffGetter Uses

func (a *Driver) DiffGetter(id string) (graphdriver.FileGetCloser, error)

DiffGetter returns a FileGetCloser that can read files from the directory that contains files for the layer differences. Used for direct access for tar-split.

func (*Driver) DiffSize Uses

func (a *Driver) DiffSize(id, parent string) (size int64, err error)

DiffSize calculates the changes between the specified id and its parent and returns the size in bytes of the changes relative to its base filesystem directory.

func (*Driver) Exists Uses

func (a *Driver) Exists(id string) bool

Exists returns true if the given id is registered with this driver

func (*Driver) Get Uses

func (a *Driver) Get(id, mountLabel string) (containerfs.ContainerFS, error)

Get returns the rootfs path for the id. This will mount the dir at its given path

func (*Driver) GetMetadata Uses

func (a *Driver) GetMetadata(id string) (map[string]string, error)

GetMetadata not implemented

func (*Driver) Put Uses

func (a *Driver) Put(id string) error

Put unmounts and updates list of active mounts.

func (*Driver) Remove Uses

func (a *Driver) Remove(id string) error

Remove will unmount and remove the given id.

func (*Driver) Status Uses

func (a *Driver) Status() [][2]string

Status returns current information about the filesystem such as root directory, number of directories mounted, etc.

func (*Driver) String Uses

func (*Driver) String() string

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