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package btrfs

import ""


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func Init Uses

func Init(home string, options []string, uidMaps, gidMaps []idtools.IDMap) (graphdriver.Driver, error)

Init returns a new BTRFS driver. An error is returned if BTRFS is not supported.

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver contains information about the filesystem mounted.

func (*Driver) Cleanup Uses

func (d *Driver) Cleanup() error

Cleanup unmounts the home directory.

func (*Driver) Create Uses

func (d *Driver) Create(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

Create the filesystem with given id.

func (*Driver) CreateReadWrite Uses

func (d *Driver) CreateReadWrite(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

CreateReadWrite creates a layer that is writable for use as a container file system.

func (*Driver) Exists Uses

func (d *Driver) Exists(id string) bool

Exists checks if the id exists in the filesystem.

func (*Driver) Get Uses

func (d *Driver) Get(id, mountLabel string) (containerfs.ContainerFS, error)

Get the requested filesystem id.

func (*Driver) GetMetadata Uses

func (d *Driver) GetMetadata(id string) (map[string]string, error)

GetMetadata returns empty metadata for this driver.

func (*Driver) Put Uses

func (d *Driver) Put(id string) error

Put is not implemented for BTRFS as there is no cleanup required for the id.

func (*Driver) Remove Uses

func (d *Driver) Remove(id string) error

Remove the filesystem with given id.

func (*Driver) Status Uses

func (d *Driver) Status() [][2]string

Status returns current driver information in a two dimensional string array. Output contains "Build Version" and "Library Version" of the btrfs libraries used. Version information can be used to check compatibility with your kernel.

func (*Driver) String Uses

func (d *Driver) String() string

String prints the name of the driver (btrfs).

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