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package graphtest

import ""


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graphbench_unix.go graphtest_unix.go testutil.go testutil_unix.go

func DriverBenchDeepLayerDiff Uses

func DriverBenchDeepLayerDiff(b *testing.B, layerCount int, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchDeepLayerDiff benchmarks calls to diff on top of a given number of layers.

func DriverBenchDeepLayerRead Uses

func DriverBenchDeepLayerRead(b *testing.B, layerCount int, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchDeepLayerRead benchmarks calls to read a file under a given number of layers.

func DriverBenchDiffApplyN Uses

func DriverBenchDiffApplyN(b *testing.B, fileCount int, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchDiffApplyN benchmarks calls to diff and apply together

func DriverBenchDiffBase Uses

func DriverBenchDiffBase(b *testing.B, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchDiffBase benchmarks calls to diff on a root layer

func DriverBenchDiffN Uses

func DriverBenchDiffN(b *testing.B, bottom, top int, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchDiffN benchmarks calls to diff on two layers with a provided number of files on the lower and upper layers.

func DriverBenchExists Uses

func DriverBenchExists(b *testing.B, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchExists benchmarks calls to exist

func DriverBenchGetEmpty Uses

func DriverBenchGetEmpty(b *testing.B, drivername string, driveroptions ...string)

DriverBenchGetEmpty benchmarks calls to get on an empty layer

func DriverTestChanges Uses

func DriverTestChanges(t testing.TB, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestChanges tests computed changes on a layer matches changes made

func DriverTestCreateBase Uses

func DriverTestCreateBase(t testing.TB, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestCreateBase create a base driver and verify.

func DriverTestCreateEmpty Uses

func DriverTestCreateEmpty(t testing.TB, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestCreateEmpty creates a new image and verifies it is empty and the right metadata

func DriverTestCreateSnap Uses

func DriverTestCreateSnap(t testing.TB, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestCreateSnap Create a driver and snap and verify.

func DriverTestDeepLayerRead Uses

func DriverTestDeepLayerRead(t testing.TB, layerCount int, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestDeepLayerRead reads a file from a lower layer under a given number of layers

func DriverTestDiffApply Uses

func DriverTestDiffApply(t testing.TB, fileCount int, drivername string, driverOptions ...string)

DriverTestDiffApply tests diffing and applying produces the same layer

func DriverTestSetQuota Uses

func DriverTestSetQuota(t *testing.T, drivername string, required bool)

DriverTestSetQuota Create a driver and test setting quota.

func GetDriver Uses

func GetDriver(t testing.TB, name string, options ...string) graphdriver.Driver

GetDriver create a new driver with given name or return an existing driver with the name updating the reference count.

func PutDriver Uses

func PutDriver(t testing.TB)

PutDriver removes the driver if it is no longer used and updates the reference count.

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver conforms to graphdriver.Driver interface and contains information such as root and reference count of the number of clients using it. This helps in testing drivers added into the framework.

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