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package vfs

import ""


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copy_linux.go driver.go quota_linux.go


var (
    // CopyDir defines the copy method to use.
    CopyDir = dirCopy

func Init Uses

func Init(home string, options []string, uidMaps, gidMaps []idtools.IDMap) (graphdriver.Driver, error)

Init returns a new VFS driver. This sets the home directory for the driver and returns NaiveDiffDriver.

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver holds information about the driver, home directory of the driver. Driver implements graphdriver.ProtoDriver. It uses only basic vfs operations. In order to support layering, files are copied from the parent layer into the new layer. There is no copy-on-write support. Driver must be wrapped in NaiveDiffDriver to be used as a graphdriver.Driver

func (*Driver) Cleanup Uses

func (d *Driver) Cleanup() error

Cleanup is used to implement graphdriver.ProtoDriver. There is no cleanup required for this driver.

func (*Driver) Create Uses

func (d *Driver) Create(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

Create prepares the filesystem for the VFS driver and copies the directory for the given id under the parent.

func (*Driver) CreateReadWrite Uses

func (d *Driver) CreateReadWrite(id, parent string, opts *graphdriver.CreateOpts) error

CreateReadWrite creates a layer that is writable for use as a container file system.

func (*Driver) Exists Uses

func (d *Driver) Exists(id string) bool

Exists checks to see if the directory exists for the given id.

func (*Driver) Get Uses

func (d *Driver) Get(id, mountLabel string) (containerfs.ContainerFS, error)

Get returns the directory for the given id.

func (*Driver) GetMetadata Uses

func (d *Driver) GetMetadata(id string) (map[string]string, error)

GetMetadata is used for implementing the graphdriver.ProtoDriver interface. VFS does not currently have any meta data.

func (*Driver) Put Uses

func (d *Driver) Put(id string) error

Put is a noop for vfs that return nil for the error, since this driver has no runtime resources to clean up.

func (*Driver) Remove Uses

func (d *Driver) Remove(id string) error

Remove deletes the content from the directory for a given id.

func (*Driver) Status Uses

func (d *Driver) Status() [][2]string

Status is used for implementing the graphdriver.ProtoDriver interface. VFS does not currently have any status information.

func (*Driver) String Uses

func (d *Driver) String() string

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