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package cache

import ""


Package Files

local_cache.go validate.go


const (
    // DriverName is the name of the driver used for local log caching
    DriverName = local.Name

func MergeDefaultLogConfig Uses

func MergeDefaultLogConfig(dst, defaults map[string]string)

MergeDefaultLogConfig reads the default log opts and makes sure that any caching related keys that exist there are added to dst.

func ShouldUseCache Uses

func ShouldUseCache(cfg map[string]string) bool

ShouldUseCache reads the log opts to determine if caching should be enabled

func WithLocalCache Uses

func WithLocalCache(l logger.Logger, info logger.Info) (logger.Logger, error)

WithLocalCache wraps the passed in logger with a logger caches all writes locally in addition to writing to the passed in logger.

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