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package network

import ""


Package Files

filter.go settings.go

func FilterNetworks Uses

func FilterNetworks(nws []types.NetworkResource, filter filters.Args) ([]types.NetworkResource, error)

FilterNetworks filters network list according to user specified filter and returns user chosen networks

type AttachmentStore Uses

type AttachmentStore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AttachmentStore stores the load balancer IP address for a network id.

func (*AttachmentStore) ClearAttachments Uses

func (store *AttachmentStore) ClearAttachments()

ClearAttachments clears all the mappings of network to load balancer IP Address.

func (*AttachmentStore) GetIPForNetwork Uses

func (store *AttachmentStore) GetIPForNetwork(networkID string) (net.IP, bool)

GetIPForNetwork return the load balancer IP address for the given network.

func (*AttachmentStore) ResetAttachments Uses

func (store *AttachmentStore) ResetAttachments(attachments map[string]string) error

ResetAttachments clears any existing load balancer IP to network mapping and sets the mapping to the given attachments.

type EndpointSettings Uses

type EndpointSettings struct {
    IPAMOperational bool

EndpointSettings is a package local wrapper for networktypes.EndpointSettings which stores Endpoint state that needs to be persisted to disk but not exposed in the api.

type Settings Uses

type Settings struct {
    Bridge                 string
    SandboxID              string
    HairpinMode            bool
    LinkLocalIPv6Address   string
    LinkLocalIPv6PrefixLen int
    Networks               map[string]*EndpointSettings
    Service                *clustertypes.ServiceConfig
    Ports                  nat.PortMap
    SandboxKey             string
    SecondaryIPAddresses   []networktypes.Address
    SecondaryIPv6Addresses []networktypes.Address
    IsAnonymousEndpoint    bool
    HasSwarmEndpoint       bool

Settings stores configuration details about the daemon network config TODO Windows. Many of these fields can be factored out.,

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