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package dockerversion

import ""

Package dockerversion is auto-generated at build-time


Package Files

useragent.go version_lib.go


var (
    GitCommit             = "library-import"
    Version               = "library-import"
    BuildTime             = "library-import"
    IAmStatic             = "library-import"
    InitCommitID          = "library-import"
    PlatformName          = ""
    ProductName           = ""
    DefaultProductLicense = ""

Default build-time variable for library-import. These variables are overridden on build with build-time information.

func DockerUserAgent Uses

func DockerUserAgent(ctx context.Context) string

DockerUserAgent is the User-Agent the Docker client uses to identify itself. In accordance with RFC 7231 (5.5.3) is of the form:

[docker client's UA] UpstreamClient([upstream client's UA])

type UAStringKey Uses

type UAStringKey struct{}

UAStringKey is used as key type for user-agent string in net/context struct

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