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package v1

import ""


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func CreateID Uses

func CreateID(v1Image image.V1Image, layerID layer.ChainID, parent digest.Digest) (digest.Digest, error)

CreateID creates an ID from v1 image, layerID and parent ID. Used for backwards compatibility with old clients.

func HistoryFromConfig Uses

func HistoryFromConfig(imageJSON []byte, emptyLayer bool) (image.History, error)

HistoryFromConfig creates a History struct from v1 configuration JSON

func MakeConfigFromV1Config Uses

func MakeConfigFromV1Config(imageJSON []byte, rootfs *image.RootFS, history []image.History) ([]byte, error)

MakeConfigFromV1Config creates an image config from the legacy V1 config format.

func MakeV1ConfigFromConfig Uses

func MakeV1ConfigFromConfig(img *image.Image, v1ID, parentV1ID string, throwaway bool) ([]byte, error)

MakeV1ConfigFromConfig creates a legacy V1 image config from an Image struct

func ValidateID Uses

func ValidateID(id string) error

ValidateID checks whether an ID string is a valid image ID.

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