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package checker

import ""

Package checker provides helpers for Please remove this package whenever possible.


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type Compare Uses

type Compare func(x interface{}) assert.BoolOrComparison

Compare defines the interface to compare values

func Contains Uses

func Contains(y interface{}) Compare

Contains checks if the value contains the given value

func DeepEquals Uses

func DeepEquals(y interface{}) Compare

DeepEquals checks if two values are equal

func Equals Uses

func Equals(y interface{}) Compare

Equals checks if the value is equal to the given value

func False Uses

func False() Compare

False checks if the value is false

func GreaterThan Uses

func GreaterThan(y int) Compare

GreaterThan checks if the value is greater than the given value

func HasLen Uses

func HasLen(y int) Compare

HasLen checks if the value has the expected number of elements

func IsNil Uses

func IsNil() Compare

IsNil checks if the value is nil

func Not Uses

func Not(c Compare) Compare

Not checks if two values are not

func True Uses

func True() Compare

True checks if the value is true

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