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package build

import ""


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func WithBuildContext Uses

func WithBuildContext(t testing.TB, contextOperators ...func(*fakecontext.Fake) error) func(*icmd.Cmd) func()

WithBuildContext sets up the build context

func WithContextPath Uses

func WithContextPath(path string) func(*icmd.Cmd) func()

WithContextPath sets the build context path

func WithDockerfile Uses

func WithDockerfile(dockerfile string) func(*icmd.Cmd) func()

WithDockerfile creates / returns a CmdOperator to set the Dockerfile for a build operation

func WithExternalBuildContext Uses

func WithExternalBuildContext(ctx *fakecontext.Fake) func(*icmd.Cmd) func()

WithExternalBuildContext use the specified context as build context

func WithFile Uses

func WithFile(name, content string) func(*fakecontext.Fake) error

WithFile adds the specified file (with content) in the build context

func WithStdinContext Uses

func WithStdinContext(closer io.ReadCloser) func(*icmd.Cmd) func()

WithStdinContext sets the build context from the standard input with the specified reader

func WithoutCache Uses

func WithoutCache(cmd *icmd.Cmd) func()

WithoutCache makes the build ignore cache

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