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package network

import ""


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network.go ops.go states.go

func Create Uses

func Create(ctx context.Context, client client.APIClient, name string, ops ...func(*types.NetworkCreate)) (string, error)

Create creates a network with the specified options

func CreateNoError Uses

func CreateNoError(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, client client.APIClient, name string, ops ...func(*types.NetworkCreate)) string

CreateNoError creates a network with the specified options and verifies there were no errors

func IsRemoved Uses

func IsRemoved(ctx context.Context, client client.NetworkAPIClient, networkID string) func(log poll.LogT) poll.Result

IsRemoved verifies the network is removed.

func WithAttachable Uses

func WithAttachable() func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithAttachable sets Attachable flag on the create network request

func WithCheckDuplicate Uses

func WithCheckDuplicate() func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithCheckDuplicate sets the CheckDuplicate field on create network request

func WithDriver Uses

func WithDriver(driver string) func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithDriver sets the driver of the network

func WithIPAM Uses

func WithIPAM(subnet, gateway string) func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithIPAM adds an IPAM with the specified Subnet and Gateway to the network

func WithIPv6 Uses

func WithIPv6() func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithIPv6 Enables IPv6 on the network

func WithIPvlan Uses

func WithIPvlan(parent, mode string) func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithIPvlan sets the network as ipvlan with the specified parent and mode

func WithInternal Uses

func WithInternal() func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithInternal enables Internal flag on the create network request

func WithMacvlan Uses

func WithMacvlan(parent string) func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithMacvlan sets the network as macvlan with the specified parent

func WithOption Uses

func WithOption(key, value string) func(*types.NetworkCreate)

WithOption adds the specified key/value pair to network's options

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