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package swarm

import ""


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func ContainerPoll Uses

func ContainerPoll(config *poll.Settings)

ContainerPoll tweaks the pollSettings for `container`

func CreateService Uses

func CreateService(t *testing.T, d *daemon.Daemon, opts ...ServiceSpecOpt) string

CreateService creates a service on the passed in swarm daemon.

func CreateServiceSpec Uses

func CreateServiceSpec(t *testing.T, opts ...ServiceSpecOpt) swarmtypes.ServiceSpec

CreateServiceSpec creates a default service-spec, and applies the provided options

func ExecTask Uses

func ExecTask(t *testing.T, d *daemon.Daemon, task swarmtypes.Task, config types.ExecConfig) types.HijackedResponse

ExecTask runs the passed in exec config on the given task

func GetRunningTasks Uses

func GetRunningTasks(t *testing.T, c client.ServiceAPIClient, serviceID string) []swarmtypes.Task

GetRunningTasks gets the list of running tasks for a service

func JobComplete Uses

func JobComplete(client client.CommonAPIClient, service swarmtypes.Service) func(log poll.LogT) poll.Result

JobComplete is a poll function for determining that a ReplicatedJob is completed additionally, while polling, it verifies that the job never exceeds MaxConcurrent running tasks

func NetworkPoll Uses

func NetworkPoll(config *poll.Settings)

NetworkPoll tweaks the pollSettings for `network`

func NewSwarm Uses

func NewSwarm(t *testing.T, testEnv *environment.Execution, ops ...daemon.Option) *daemon.Daemon

NewSwarm creates a swarm daemon for testing

func NoTasks Uses

func NoTasks(ctx context.Context, client client.ServiceAPIClient) func(log poll.LogT) poll.Result

NoTasks verifies that all tasks are gone

func NoTasksForService Uses

func NoTasksForService(ctx context.Context, client client.ServiceAPIClient, serviceID string) func(log poll.LogT) poll.Result

NoTasksForService verifies that there are no more tasks for the given service

func RunningTasksCount Uses

func RunningTasksCount(client client.ServiceAPIClient, serviceID string, instances uint64) func(log poll.LogT) poll.Result

RunningTasksCount verifies there are `instances` tasks running for `serviceID`

func ServicePoll Uses

func ServicePoll(config *poll.Settings)

ServicePoll tweaks the pollSettings for `service`

func ServiceWithImage Uses

func ServiceWithImage(image string) func(*swarmtypes.ServiceSpec)

ServiceWithImage sets the image to use for the service

func ServiceWithInit Uses

func ServiceWithInit(b *bool) func(*swarmtypes.ServiceSpec)

ServiceWithInit sets whether the service should use init or not

func ServiceWithMode Uses

func ServiceWithMode(mode swarmtypes.ServiceMode) func(*swarmtypes.ServiceSpec)

ServiceWithMode sets the mode of the service to the provided mode.

type ServiceSpecOpt Uses

type ServiceSpecOpt func(*swarmtypes.ServiceSpec)

ServiceSpecOpt is used with `CreateService` to pass in service spec modifiers

func ServiceWithCapabilities Uses

func ServiceWithCapabilities(add []string, drop []string) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithCapabilities sets the Capabilities option of the service's ContainerSpec.

func ServiceWithCommand Uses

func ServiceWithCommand(cmd []string) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithCommand sets the command to use for the service

func ServiceWithConfig Uses

func ServiceWithConfig(configRef *swarmtypes.ConfigReference) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithConfig adds the config reference to the service

func ServiceWithEndpoint Uses

func ServiceWithEndpoint(endpoint *swarmtypes.EndpointSpec) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithEndpoint sets the Endpoint of the service

func ServiceWithMaxReplicas Uses

func ServiceWithMaxReplicas(n uint64) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithMaxReplicas sets the max replicas for the service

func ServiceWithName Uses

func ServiceWithName(name string) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithName sets the name of the service

func ServiceWithNetwork Uses

func ServiceWithNetwork(network string) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithNetwork sets the network of the service

func ServiceWithPidsLimit Uses

func ServiceWithPidsLimit(limit int64) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithPidsLimit sets the PidsLimit option of the service's Resources.Limits.

func ServiceWithReplicas Uses

func ServiceWithReplicas(n uint64) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithReplicas sets the replicas for the service

func ServiceWithSecret Uses

func ServiceWithSecret(secretRef *swarmtypes.SecretReference) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithSecret adds the secret reference to the service

func ServiceWithSysctls Uses

func ServiceWithSysctls(sysctls map[string]string) ServiceSpecOpt

ServiceWithSysctls sets the Sysctls option of the service's ContainerSpec.

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