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package local

import ""


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local_windows.go process_windows.go utils_windows.go


const (
    CoEClassstring     = syscall.Errno(0x800401F3) // Invalid class string
    ErrorNoNetwork     = syscall.Errno(1222)       // The network is not present or not started
    ErrorBadPathname   = syscall.Errno(161)        // The specified path is invalid
    ErrorInvalidObject = syscall.Errno(0x800710D8) // The object identifier does not represent a valid object

Win32 error codes that are used for various workarounds These really should be ALL_CAPS to match golangs syscall library and standard Win32 error conventions, but golint insists on CamelCase.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, cli *containerd.Client, stateDir, ns string, b libcontainerdtypes.Backend) (libcontainerdtypes.Client, error)

NewClient creates a new local executor for windows

type LCOWOption Uses

type LCOWOption struct {
    Config *opengcs.Config

LCOWOption is a CreateOption required for LCOW configuration

func (*LCOWOption) Apply Uses

func (s *LCOWOption) Apply(interface{}) error

Apply for the LCOW option is a no-op.

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