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package types

import ""


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const InitProcessName = "init"

InitProcessName is the name given to the first process of a container

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    ProcessEvent(containerID string, event EventType, ei EventInfo) error

Backend defines callbacks that the client of the library needs to implement.

type Checkpoints Uses

type Checkpoints struct{}

Checkpoints contains the details of a checkpoint

type Client Uses

type Client interface {
    Version(ctx context.Context) (containerd.Version, error)

    Restore(ctx context.Context, containerID string, attachStdio StdioCallback) (alive bool, pid int, p Process, err error)

    Create(ctx context.Context, containerID string, spec *specs.Spec, shim string, runtimeOptions interface{}, opts ...containerd.NewContainerOpts) error
    Start(ctx context.Context, containerID, checkpointDir string, withStdin bool, attachStdio StdioCallback) (pid int, err error)
    SignalProcess(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, signal int) error
    Exec(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, spec *specs.Process, withStdin bool, attachStdio StdioCallback) (int, error)
    ResizeTerminal(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, width, height int) error
    CloseStdin(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string) error
    Pause(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
    Resume(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
    Stats(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (*Stats, error)
    ListPids(ctx context.Context, containerID string) ([]uint32, error)
    Summary(ctx context.Context, containerID string) ([]Summary, error)
    DeleteTask(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (uint32, time.Time, error)
    Delete(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
    Status(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (containerd.ProcessStatus, error)

    UpdateResources(ctx context.Context, containerID string, resources *Resources) error
    CreateCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, containerID, checkpointDir string, exit bool) error

Client provides access to containerd features.

type EventInfo Uses

type EventInfo struct {
    ContainerID string
    ProcessID   string
    Pid         uint32
    ExitCode    uint32
    ExitedAt    time.Time
    OOMKilled   bool
    Error       error

EventInfo contains the event info

type EventType Uses

type EventType string

EventType represents a possible event from libcontainerd

const (
    EventUnknown     EventType = "unknown"
    EventExit        EventType = "exit"
    EventOOM         EventType = "oom"
    EventCreate      EventType = "create"
    EventStart       EventType = "start"
    EventExecAdded   EventType = "exec-added"
    EventExecStarted EventType = "exec-started"
    EventPaused      EventType = "paused"
    EventResumed     EventType = "resumed"

Event constants used when reporting events

type Process Uses

type Process interface {
    Delete(context.Context) (uint32, time.Time, error)

Process of a container

type Resources Uses

type Resources specs.LinuxResources

Resources defines updatable container resource values. TODO: it must match containerd upcoming API

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    Read time.Time
    // Metrics is expected to be either one of:
    // *
    // *
    Metrics interface{}

Stats holds metrics properties as returned by containerd

func InterfaceToStats Uses

func InterfaceToStats(read time.Time, v interface{}) *Stats

InterfaceToStats returns a stats object from the platform-specific interface.

type StdioCallback Uses

type StdioCallback func(io *cio.DirectIO) (cio.IO, error)

StdioCallback is called to connect a container or process stdio.

type Summary Uses

type Summary struct{}

Summary is not used on linux

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