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package caps

import ""


Package Files

defaults.go utils.go

func DefaultCapabilities Uses

func DefaultCapabilities() []string

DefaultCapabilities returns a Linux kernel default capabilities

func GetAllCapabilities Uses

func GetAllCapabilities() []string

GetAllCapabilities returns all of the capabilities

func NormalizeLegacyCapabilities Uses

func NormalizeLegacyCapabilities(caps []string) ([]string, error)

NormalizeLegacyCapabilities normalizes, and validates CapAdd/CapDrop capabilities by upper-casing them, and adding a CAP_ prefix (if not yet present).

This function also accepts the "ALL" magic-value, that's used by CapAdd/CapDrop.

func TweakCapabilities Uses

func TweakCapabilities(basics, adds, drops []string, privileged bool) ([]string, error)

TweakCapabilities tweaks capabilities by adding, dropping, or overriding capabilities in the basics capabilities list.

func ValidateCapabilities Uses

func ValidateCapabilities(caps []string) error

ValidateCapabilities validates if caps only contains valid capabilities

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities []*CapabilityMapping

Capabilities contains all CapabilityMapping

type CapabilityMapping Uses

type CapabilityMapping struct {
    Key   string         `json:"key,omitempty"`
    Value capability.Cap `json:"value,omitempty"`

CapabilityMapping maps linux capability name to its value of capability.Cap type Capabilities is one of the security systems in Linux Security Module (LSM) framework provided by the kernel. For more details on capabilities, see

func GetCapability Uses

func GetCapability(key string) *CapabilityMapping

GetCapability returns CapabilityMapping which contains specific key

func (*CapabilityMapping) String Uses

func (c *CapabilityMapping) String() string

String returns <key> of CapabilityMapping

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