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package kv

import ""


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func Init Uses

func Init()

Init is exported

type Discovery Uses

type Discovery struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Discovery is exported

func (*Discovery) Initialize Uses

func (s *Discovery) Initialize(uris string, heartbeat time.Duration, ttl time.Duration, clusterOpts map[string]string) error

Initialize is exported

func (*Discovery) Prefix Uses

func (s *Discovery) Prefix() string

Prefix returns the store prefix

func (*Discovery) Register Uses

func (s *Discovery) Register(addr string) error

Register is exported

func (*Discovery) Store Uses

func (s *Discovery) Store() store.Store

Store returns the underlying store used by KV discovery.

func (*Discovery) Watch Uses

func (s *Discovery) Watch(stopCh <-chan struct{}) (<-chan discovery.Entries, <-chan error)

Watch is exported

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