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package locker

import ""

Package locker provides a mechanism for creating finer-grained locking to help free up more global locks to handle other tasks.

The implementation looks close to a sync.Mutex, however the user must provide a reference to use to refer to the underlying lock when locking and unlocking, and unlock may generate an error.

If a lock with a given name does not exist when `Lock` is called, one is created. Lock references are automatically cleaned up on `Unlock` if nothing else is waiting for the lock.


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var ErrNoSuchLock = locker.ErrNoSuchLock

ErrNoSuchLock is returned when the requested lock does not exist Deprecated: use

var New = locker.New

New creates a new Locker Deprecated: use

type Locker Uses

type Locker = locker.Locker

Locker provides a locking mechanism based on the passed in reference name Deprecated: use

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