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package plugingetter

import ""


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const (
    // Lookup doesn't update RefCount
    Lookup = 0
    // Acquire increments RefCount
    Acquire = 1
    // Release decrements RefCount
    Release = -1

type CompatPlugin Uses

type CompatPlugin interface {
    Name() string
    ScopedPath(string) string
    IsV1() bool

CompatPlugin is an abstraction to handle both v2(new) and v1(legacy) plugins.

type CountedPlugin Uses

type CountedPlugin interface {

CountedPlugin is a plugin which is reference counted.

type PluginAddr Uses

type PluginAddr interface {
    Addr() net.Addr
    Timeout() time.Duration
    Protocol() string

PluginAddr is a plugin that exposes the socket address for creating custom clients rather than the built-in `*plugins.Client`

type PluginGetter Uses

type PluginGetter interface {
    Get(name, capability string, mode int) (CompatPlugin, error)
    GetAllByCap(capability string) ([]CompatPlugin, error)
    GetAllManagedPluginsByCap(capability string) []CompatPlugin
    Handle(capability string, callback func(string, *plugins.Client))

PluginGetter is the interface implemented by Store

type PluginWithV1Client Uses

type PluginWithV1Client interface {
    Client() *plugins.Client

PluginWithV1Client is a plugin that directly utilizes the v1/http plugin client

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