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package pubsub

import ""


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type Publisher Uses

type Publisher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Publisher is basic pub/sub structure. Allows to send events and subscribe to them. Can be safely used from multiple goroutines.

func NewPublisher Uses

func NewPublisher(publishTimeout time.Duration, buffer int) *Publisher

NewPublisher creates a new pub/sub publisher to broadcast messages. The duration is used as the send timeout as to not block the publisher publishing messages to other clients if one client is slow or unresponsive. The buffer is used when creating new channels for subscribers.

func (*Publisher) Close Uses

func (p *Publisher) Close()

Close closes the channels to all subscribers registered with the publisher.

func (*Publisher) Evict Uses

func (p *Publisher) Evict(sub chan interface{})

Evict removes the specified subscriber from receiving any more messages.

func (*Publisher) Len Uses

func (p *Publisher) Len() int

Len returns the number of subscribers for the publisher

func (*Publisher) Publish Uses

func (p *Publisher) Publish(v interface{})

Publish sends the data in v to all subscribers currently registered with the publisher.

func (*Publisher) Subscribe Uses

func (p *Publisher) Subscribe() chan interface{}

Subscribe adds a new subscriber to the publisher returning the channel.

func (*Publisher) SubscribeTopic Uses

func (p *Publisher) SubscribeTopic(topic topicFunc) chan interface{}

SubscribeTopic adds a new subscriber that filters messages sent by a topic.

func (*Publisher) SubscribeTopicWithBuffer Uses

func (p *Publisher) SubscribeTopicWithBuffer(topic topicFunc, buffer int) chan interface{}

SubscribeTopicWithBuffer adds a new subscriber that filters messages sent by a topic. The returned channel has a buffer of the specified size.

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