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package stdcopy

import ""


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func NewStdWriter Uses

func NewStdWriter(w io.Writer, t StdType) io.Writer

NewStdWriter instantiates a new Writer. Everything written to it will be encapsulated using a custom format, and written to the underlying `w` stream. This allows multiple write streams (e.g. stdout and stderr) to be muxed into a single connection. `t` indicates the id of the stream to encapsulate. It can be stdcopy.Stdin, stdcopy.Stdout, stdcopy.Stderr.

func StdCopy Uses

func StdCopy(dstout, dsterr io.Writer, src io.Reader) (written int64, err error)

StdCopy is a modified version of io.Copy.

StdCopy will demultiplex `src`, assuming that it contains two streams, previously multiplexed together using a StdWriter instance. As it reads from `src`, StdCopy will write to `dstout` and `dsterr`.

StdCopy will read until it hits EOF on `src`. It will then return a nil error. In other words: if `err` is non nil, it indicates a real underlying error.

`written` will hold the total number of bytes written to `dstout` and `dsterr`.

type StdType Uses

type StdType byte

StdType is the type of standard stream a writer can multiplex to.

const (
    // Stdin represents standard input stream type.
    Stdin StdType = iota
    // Stdout represents standard output stream type.
    // Stderr represents standard error steam type.
    // Systemerr represents errors originating from the system that make it
    // into the multiplexed stream.

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