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package stringid

import ""

Package stringid provides helper functions for dealing with string identifiers


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func GenerateRandomID Uses

func GenerateRandomID() string

GenerateRandomID returns a unique id.

func IsShortID Uses

func IsShortID(id string) bool

IsShortID determines if an arbitrary string *looks like* a short ID.

func TruncateID Uses

func TruncateID(id string) string

TruncateID returns a shorthand version of a string identifier for convenience. A collision with other shorthands is very unlikely, but possible. In case of a collision a lookup with TruncIndex.Get() will fail, and the caller will need to use a longer prefix, or the full-length Id.

func ValidateID Uses

func ValidateID(id string) error

ValidateID checks whether an ID string is a valid image ID.

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