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package useragent

import ""

Package useragent provides helper functions to pack version information into a single User-Agent header.


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func AppendVersions Uses

func AppendVersions(base string, versions ...VersionInfo) string

AppendVersions converts versions to a string and appends the string to the string base.

Each VersionInfo will be converted to a string in the format of "product/version", where the "product" is get from the name field, while version is get from the version field. Several pieces of version information will be concatenated and separated by space.

Example: AppendVersions("base", VersionInfo{"foo", "1.0"}, VersionInfo{"bar", "2.0"}) results in "base foo/1.0 bar/2.0".

type VersionInfo Uses

type VersionInfo struct {
    Name    string
    Version string

VersionInfo is used to model UserAgent versions.

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