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package containerd

import ""


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const PluginNamespace = "plugins.moby"

PluginNamespace is the name used for the plugins namespace

type Executor Uses

type Executor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Executor is the containerd client implementation of a plugin executor

func New Uses

func New(ctx context.Context, rootDir string, cli *containerd.Client, ns string, exitHandler ExitHandler, runtime types.Runtime) (*Executor, error)

New creates a new containerd plugin executor

func (*Executor) Create Uses

func (e *Executor) Create(id string, spec specs.Spec, stdout, stderr io.WriteCloser) error

Create creates a new container

func (*Executor) IsRunning Uses

func (e *Executor) IsRunning(id string) (bool, error)

IsRunning returns if the container with the given id is running

func (*Executor) ProcessEvent Uses

func (e *Executor) ProcessEvent(id string, et libcontainerdtypes.EventType, ei libcontainerdtypes.EventInfo) error

ProcessEvent handles events from containerd All events are ignored except the exit event, which is sent of to the stored handler

func (*Executor) Restore Uses

func (e *Executor) Restore(id string, stdout, stderr io.WriteCloser) (bool, error)

Restore restores a container

func (*Executor) Signal Uses

func (e *Executor) Signal(id string, signal int) error

Signal sends the specified signal to the container

type ExitHandler Uses

type ExitHandler interface {
    HandleExitEvent(id string) error

ExitHandler represents an object that is called when the exit event is received from containerd

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