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package reference

import ""


Package Files

errors.go store.go


var (
    // ErrDoesNotExist is returned if a reference is not found in the
    // store.
    ErrDoesNotExist notFoundError = "reference does not exist"

type Association Uses

type Association struct {
    Ref reference.Named
    ID  digest.Digest

An Association is a tuple associating a reference with an image ID.

type Store Uses

type Store interface {
    References(id digest.Digest) []reference.Named
    ReferencesByName(ref reference.Named) []Association
    AddTag(ref reference.Named, id digest.Digest, force bool) error
    AddDigest(ref reference.Canonical, id digest.Digest, force bool) error
    Delete(ref reference.Named) (bool, error)
    Get(ref reference.Named) (digest.Digest, error)

Store provides the set of methods which can operate on a reference store.

func NewReferenceStore Uses

func NewReferenceStore(jsonPath string) (Store, error)

NewReferenceStore creates a new reference store, tied to a file path where the set of references are serialized in JSON format.

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