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package discoverapi

import ""


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const (
    // NodeDiscovery represents Node join/leave events provided by discovery
    NodeDiscovery = iota + 1
    // DatastoreConfig represents an add/remove datastore event
    // EncryptionKeysConfig represents the initial key(s) for performing datapath encryption
    // EncryptionKeysUpdate represents an update to the datapath encryption key(s)

type DatastoreConfigData Uses

type DatastoreConfigData struct {
    Scope    string
    Provider string
    Address  string
    Config   interface{}

DatastoreConfigData is the data for the datastore update event message

type Discover Uses

type Discover interface {
    // DiscoverNew is a notification for a new discovery event, Example:a new node joining a cluster
    DiscoverNew(dType DiscoveryType, data interface{}) error

    // DiscoverDelete is a notification for a discovery delete event, Example:a node leaving a cluster
    DiscoverDelete(dType DiscoveryType, data interface{}) error

Discover is an interface to be implemented by the component interested in receiving discover events like new node joining the cluster or datastore updates

type DiscoveryType Uses

type DiscoveryType int

DiscoveryType represents the type of discovery element the DiscoverNew function is invoked on

type DriverEncryptionConfig Uses

type DriverEncryptionConfig struct {
    Keys [][]byte
    Tags []uint64

DriverEncryptionConfig contains the initial datapath encryption key(s) Key in first position is the primary key, the one to be used in tx. Original key and tag types are []byte and uint64

type DriverEncryptionUpdate Uses

type DriverEncryptionUpdate struct {
    Key        []byte
    Tag        uint64
    Primary    []byte
    PrimaryTag uint64
    Prune      []byte
    PruneTag   uint64

DriverEncryptionUpdate carries an update to the encryption key(s) as: a new key and/or set a primary key and/or a removal of an existing key. Original key and tag types are []byte and uint64

type NodeDiscoveryData Uses

type NodeDiscoveryData struct {
    Address     string
    BindAddress string
    Self        bool

NodeDiscoveryData represents the structure backing the node discovery data json string

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