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package hostdiscovery

import ""


Package Files

hostdiscovery.go hostdiscovery_api.go

type ActiveCallback Uses

type ActiveCallback func()

ActiveCallback provides a callback event for active discovery event

type HostDiscovery Uses

type HostDiscovery interface {
    //Watch Node join and leave cluster events
    Watch(activeCallback ActiveCallback, joinCallback JoinCallback, leaveCallback LeaveCallback) error
    // StopDiscovery stops the discovery process
    StopDiscovery() error
    // Fetch returns a list of host IPs that are currently discovered
    Fetch() []net.IP

HostDiscovery primary interface

func NewHostDiscovery Uses

func NewHostDiscovery(watcher discovery.Watcher) HostDiscovery

NewHostDiscovery function creates a host discovery object

type JoinCallback Uses

type JoinCallback func(entries []net.IP)

JoinCallback provides a callback event for new node joining the cluster

type LeaveCallback Uses

type LeaveCallback func(entries []net.IP)

LeaveCallback provides a callback event for node leaving the cluster

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